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5/17/2017 11:43pm

I identify as a banana. It has been quite hard living under the impressions of being someone I'm not, but now I'm here. The moment I start feeling like I'm loading up on potassium, I know, that deep down inside, I am a banana. Since then, I've changed myself. I start wearing yellow more often, and damn does that feel good to be myself. When I came out as a banana, my parents did not accept me. They told me it was just a phase, that I am trying to copy other teenagers due to peer pressure, but I know it is not. Luckily, I've got my best friend's genuine support. She identifies as an apple. We have been through so much together that we decided to change our last name into each other's identity preference. We are not afraid to show the world our identities. I am a banana, and I am proud of it.

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