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1/5/2017 9:08am

I've been thinking I should get more involved in the school -- you know, really do something with myself. I think my total isolation was the reason why I transfered from my last school. And the school before that. And before that. You get the point.
Here's the thing. Phyhigh is the only school I haven't attended before. I've been to every other school, and I've found a way to be alone and miserable at each and every one. And I'm not going back to that. So I really, really have to get involved here, that way I can avoid that fate with this school. There's only one problem with my idea: I have no idea what to do with myself.
I'm pretty good with Psionics -- or at least I thought so before I took that 'Intro into Psionics' pretest. Maybe I could do something involving that? Well, I guess I ought to go looking for something to do with myself. I'll write later.

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1/4/2017 5:56pm

Whoa. There sure is a lot to learn here! I thought my knowledge of Psionics would be enough to get me an easy A on any test that *Advanced* Psionics could throw at me, but I just got my Introduction into Psionics pretest back and, well, I didn't do so great. (81% isn't terrible for a pretest, but hey! This is only the introductory class, and I thought I knew a thing or two about Psionics.) I don't know if I'm relieved that I won't be bored to death by things I already know all semester long, or if I'm disappointed to find out that I know so little!

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1/3/2017 6:51am

Really annoyed that I have to take 'Intro into Psionics' before I can take 'Advanced Placement Psionics'! The intro class is going to be so easy for me, considering my extensive study outside of school. ...Wait. Actually, the advanced course might be too simple, too. Drat, why am I taking psionics, again?

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