Weather Jackson

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Flying Bike Club
5/7/2017 5:15pm

Weather Pillars are off limits for a reason. We are glad that the members of the Flying Bike Club have decided to come forward with their admission of illegal entry into Weather Pillar 997a, and their honesty will be noted at the hearing.

As for the student reported missing during their illegal entry into Weather Pillar 997a, we are currently looking into the matter, but unable to comment on ongoing investigations.

Weather Pillars are extremely complicated installations. The equipment is very expensive, and consists of delicate instrumentation that has been fine-tuned over a century of careful study. Haphazard bumbling within them causing the slightest imbalance in their settings can have enormous repercussions. For your own safety, as well as that of the entire surrounding biome, students are strongly warned not to enter Weather Pillars under any circumstances. Ever.

Weather Jackson
Chief Sub-engineer Sector Wy'East 12
Weather Pillar Corps