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Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/19/2022 6:56pm

Entry #13
Apologizes for missing a week but I fear I may yet miss more of these entries.
I have been challenged to a duel in remote Cascadia by one of my rivals. I am not particularly concerned but, since this doesn't really involve The High I'll be missing entries for a bit. I'll be back though, in a week or two at most! Bye for now!

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Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/10/2022 10:40pm

Entry #12
Today I went out to get some supplies for the Bee Invocation Dance that's supposed to be happening soon and I didn't even get lost! I picked up a few CDs (mostly for me but you never know what bees like), I got a black and yellow striped dress and a smoker in case the bees get angry. Besides that I just stayed home and read about geology.
That's all for today! Cya!

New Student Committee
6/10/2022 10:30pm

Okay nice! It sounds like we have a plan or at least the start of one! I'm not much of a dancer personally but I'd be happy to bring snacks and DJ if we need music for the dance. (What type of music do bees like?) If we need any other supplies I think I could do some digging, so just let me know!

Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/9/2022 9:48pm

Entry #11
Hello! I don't really have much to write about today, I've just been reading and watching old documentaries mostly on geology and bees. I had some good ice cream today, Psyhigh has some flavors I hadn't heard of but so far "Caramel Misgivings" and "Halcyon Arcade" are my favorites. That's really it though. Soooo... Cya!

Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/8/2022 9:36pm

Entry #10
I had a really good day today!
Last night we held a little board game night in the new student lounge! It was really fun! Besides that I've just been reading up on bees and rocks, so not exactly an adventure but I enjoyed it. Maybe I should try to do more adventure-y things so I have more to write cause that's really it for today. Well, I knocked on @Rice Sommers door to see if they'd want to talk for a bit, but it didn't seem like they were around. I bet they're just busy with their studies though. But that's really it for today so, umm,

New Student Committee
6/8/2022 9:22pm

Guessing by the name alone it'll probably summon or invoke the essence of bees, right?
I'm not really sure where we'd find instructions for a dance that does that sort of thing but I have some spare time and I could leaf through some of the beekeeping book hoard on the off chance it's in there. If anyone else has any idea on how to learn the dance I'm all ears.
Anyhow, it was really fun getting to know all of you on our little board game night and I'm excited to see what we can do next!
(P.S. @Olivia Ruiz Thank you so much! I learned how to clean when I worked at a retirement home for old race horses but I think usually people learn that sort of thing from their parents)

New Student Committee
6/7/2022 2:46pm

The New Student Committee is still excepting members, right?
I'd be happy to help clean out the old New Student Lounge! Maybe we could hold board game nights or something in there when it's done!

Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/7/2022 2:40pm

Entry #9
Sorry I've been gone for a bit, to be honest I've just been spending the past few days just reading. I guess I can get pretty into that if I'm not careful because I completely forgot to keep this updated. I didn't really have much to write about though. I ran into Dr. Cornelia in one of the shops near my dorm and we chatted for a bit and she suggested I join the New Student Committee. I don't have a lot else going on so, I think I'm going to become a member, it'll be fun to meet some new people.
That's all for today! Sorry again for disappearing! Cya!

The Missing Aren't Missing...
6/1/2022 10:12pm

Hey Rice,
I just wanted to tell you I'm really proud of the effort you put in today. I know it was tough and made you really anxious but I feel like you made progress. So, umm, good job! See you tomorrow maybe.
Best wishes -Diggs

Written With Glitter-Gel Vibes
6/1/2022 10:08pm

Entry #8
It took me a while for find a new computer to post with but I finally got one second hand from one of the shops at the high but I think it might be haunted. The fan, if I listen really closely, sounds like someone reading a fan fiction of, I think, Percy Jackson but like, for some reason all these other characters keep showing up like Hatsune Miku and Kermit. It's pretty good though. Anyways. I got back to my room at about 2:00am last night. Not as bad as I was expecting honestly, I was worried I'd get stuck in a wall or something but my wandering was pretty uneventful. After sleeping, I chatted with @Rice Sommers for a bit and then I just wandered around, trying to get better at ending up where I want. I think I got it down now. I can basically end up where I want about half the time so that's nice. I think I'm just going to rest in my room for a bit though, it's been a long couple of days.

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