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Psychic Crime Club
2/14/2016 10:29pm

Oh. Wow.

Now I see. I SEE! The Heart, it's... it's... unimpeachablelipstickorange... it's... underneathmypinningmats... it's... everything...

All this time I wanted us to steal the Heart, to hide it, to sell it, to get rid of it.

But now that it's here, and I'm in it, I realize I wanted it all to myself.

Or to share... that's fine...

That's why I'm becoming a Caretaker. If I can just crawl into this stasis creche... and get comfy... ah, yes... and I hold the Heart in my mind, like a jewel, like this....

Psychic Crime Club
2/14/2016 10:09pm

Psychic Crime Club - assume your positions.

Everyone needs to be as close as they can to the stage. @Sef the Magnificent will transport us all out along with the Heart. @Nobody and @Walls will help with defense and interference for Sef. @Wendy. Bullet Witch., easy on the trigger.

Psychic Crime Club
2/11/2016 12:48am

Thanks to everyone who applied, and it was a really tough choice because you're all so talented, but we've put together the final team for our inaugural heist this Valentine's Day.

We've got @Wendy. Bullet Witch. and @Quinn Chastain-Anumi as our tanks. @Nobody for infiltration, @Sef the Magnificent to do the extraction, and a few other ringers lined up for special ops.

If you didn't make the list, don't fret! Every one of you are highly talented potential criminals, and there are plenty of important roles behind the scenes. @greepies will be handling the fence with his contacts, because we don't want to sit on the Heart of Psyhigh too long. Plus, he doesn't move very swiftly on dry land. @Ruby Rubella has offered to bake a cake, which we're all very excited about, but my apologies Ruby, I'm gluten-free. @Rubra will be working on costumes, and I'm sure would love some help in that department.

We'll be running through our dress rehearsals in the haunted parking garage for the next couple of days, where I'm sure we'll all get to know each other very well. For instance, @Nobody will learn that I'm actually a girl, not a boy! Call it PSYCHIC GENDER CRIME! And of course everyone in crime club is welcome to come watch and hang out. See you there!

Psychic Crime Club
2/8/2016 11:34pm

As the president of Crime Club, I've decided we need to go for the big prize.

There will always be naysayers, like @patrick, or @Charlotte Marie Smit, who claim "crime does not pay" or "stay away from the impossible heist," but without anyone to assume the mantle of tomorrow's super villains, where would we be? By what calculus could we measure the true breadth of this reality? Indeed, it is incumbent upon us to to stretch ourselves to our greatest limits, and to achieve the impossible.

That's why we're going to jack the Heart of Psyhigh right out from the Heart Throb Dance on Valentine's Day.

We need muscle. We need magicians. And we need everything else Psyhigh's Crime Club has to give.

We'll be taking resumes through Wednesday.

Psychic Crime Club
2/7/2016 10:03pm

As a crime club, we need to go big. And, we've got to bring in revenue.

@patrick, what's the market like for your pilfered artifacts? And how many of them end up cursed?

@greepies, tell me more about these deep pockets.

Psychic Crime Club
2/3/2016 9:17pm

I heard that the crime club at Satanic High stole everybody's eyeballs. Then they got busted and had to give them back, but they got them all mixed up. That's why everybody at Satanic High looks at you funny.

You know I'm kind of a time junkie. I suggest we steal next Wednesday.

Psychic Crime Club
1/31/2016 12:13pm

The first meeting of Psychic Crime Club went really well. Dine & dash at Denny's for brunch. Dine & dash is so much easier for psychik youth, because you can just get waitresses to remember things wrong. Even make them think we're great tippers! I'm a completist, so I like to get in and mentally adjust their digital records so things still seem to add up at the end of the day. But I can't help but leave some kind of mark. On the marks. So tonight they'll find a sale for the Caveman Breakfast Slam, which comes with Mammoth Steaks and Dodo Egg Omelet.

Anyway, @Ebola and @Arteimis Roe both did the Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast (apparently having such deep connections with dark entities gives you this huge sugar deficit). Got @Rubra to come along, with the promise of a free large tomato juice and a Fit Fare Veggie Skillet, with ketchup. Had a surprise guest who didn't want to share his name, but was wearing a red plaid shirt and suspenders and ordered the Lumberjack Slam. And of course I had my favorite - two eggs sunnyside up with grits and wheat toast. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Looks like the start of a great team! This meeting was mostly just setting up the roles and responsibilities in the club. Next, we plan our first heist! Can't wait!! :)

Psychic Crime Club
1/29/2016 11:08pm

Yeah I think this place is ripe for some psycho-mystic thought-crime mayhem, @Ebola. These squares can't see around the corners of a haunted klein bottle. They are marks just begging for a shave and a haircut.

So let's set it up right. Let's meet at Denny's.

And about yesterday, @Arteimis Roe: you didn't break it - I did. I was trying to tamper with the controls on the chronospheres but they've got them so locked down you can hardly do a thing, so I had a coat hanger and a ball peen hammer stuck in there when the alarms went off and I hadda split before I had things properly back together, and it put that big drop-off in between 2:30 and 3. My bad!

But if they didn't keep it all locked up in the first place, I wouldn't break it trying to get at it, now would I?

How 'bout that ArteImis, Ebola? For the crime club. Seems you've both got demons.

1/27/2016 10:36pm

I checked this place out and they've got it all rigged. Triggers on the chronospheres. Proximity alarms on the Alarming Alarms. Anti-arming rays on the post and lintel structures and anti-warming rays on the reefer magnet boys. They keep it real chill here. You can barely return a book late to the library. But I try. Oh how I try!

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1/26/2016 11:00pm

I got kicked out of my old school for Manipulation of Time Records.

I had a really good day and re-ran it 365 times. They found out.

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