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Cabhan's Demon Uprising
5/29/2015 11:43am

OH GOD. Tonight I spoke to my boyfriend and witnessed Cabhan straight up MURDERING him, and then telling me 'You're next'. I now fear no-one is safe.. I may be forced to abandon all hope and engage in all out war against him.. He knows where I am.. NOBODY IS SAFE...

Please, listen.. Ready your weapons: watch out for any shadowy flying creatures in case they are Him, and please respond swiftly if you know how to kill a demon.

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Cabhan's Demon Uprising
5/29/2015 11:32am

right.. I guess i'm safe.. someone just explained that those strange... demons were beings called 'clowns' and that they aren't made of hellspawn, they are made of this immortal artificial material called 'plastic'..

In other words, my pets are okay, and my boyfriend is on his way here from Ireland. Cabhan has absolutely no clue where I am, and I've set up my 'business' of selling hexes and potions, gathering income of about $25 in my first week of business.

Sadly said boyfriend fears He is on the way when I talked with him, and is still hungry for power and me..

Horrific Plastic Clowns
4/8/2015 10:12am

oh god.. I've been spotted! are these Cabhan's demons, or some horrifying other thing... I'm certainly not safe... help me.. please! Not only that, but I've started hearing voices... some hard purple.. thing has started growing on my arm!

4/8/2015 10:05am

I spoke to my boyfriend in the flames today. He says he's alright, and is looking forward to meeting me again. I will look forward to meeting him again before he has to go back off to war,

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4/8/2015 10:00am

Hi! I feel... I may get captured... by Cabhan.. I currently seek refuge here, for he doesn't know where I am, and I am waiting for my Boyfriend and our pets.

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