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4/25/2017 1:18pm

I'm 13. I have a lot of best friends. One of my best friends has a crush on the same person I do. His name is Brandon. Jas has liked him longer. He likes bother of us... He said the three cutest girls in school are 1) (another, closer best friend) Mari, 2) Jas 3)Me. I don't know what to think about that... Carter found out I liked him. And proceeded to tell him. We were fine for a few days, and then he started avoiding me. For our school Olympics, he is on my team, along with Nick, so he HAS to talk to me.... other than that, he avoids me. I told Paul all of this and then during French, Paul talked to Brandon the convo went like this:
P: You guys would make a perfect couple
B:What do you mean?
P:She likes you...
P:You like her....
B:No I don't.
P: Dude, it is so obvious.
P:So that in itself is already good.
P:You think she's cute, I'm pretty sure she thinks you're cute...
P: So you guys are perfect!

Or at least, that's about how Paul told it. But, French was second period... Between 8th and 9th period, he was walking to his study hall... I was going to talk to him (I didn't know about the P/B convo at this point) and he moved to the complete other side of the hall to avoid talking to me.... I don't exactly know how to respond to that, to be entirely honest...

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