Sef the Magnificent

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Psychic Crime Club
2/14/2016 10:40pm

What, @Tammy Reins? Are we stealing this Heart or not? It is really... really, beautiful. It's like my mind is diamonds, a tunnel... of infinity... Ok, yes, I understand. And here's one of those cryo tubes, all open and cozy and waiting for me...

Psychic Crime Club
2/12/2016 7:09pm

I probably should have put this on my resume, but I have a thing about guns. I'm really not comfortable working with them, and if you're doing professional psychic crime, there is really no need for them.

So when @Wendy. Bullet Witch. uses a live Phoenix Dragon Bullet in @&#%%¥! dress rehearsal, and my black tails and top hat get singed and basically ruined, I think I have a valid concern, @Tammy Reins.

Psychic Crime Club
2/9/2016 7:46pm

Resume re: Application for Heart of Psyhigh Heist

To: @Tammy Reins, President, Psychic Crime Club


Objective: To use my skills in a team environment to help generate psychic crime.

Work Experience:

2012 - 2014
Magician, Summer Library Program, Paranormal School District.

2010 - 2014
Evil clown, for hire at birthdays, bar & bat mitzvahs, funerals.

2014 - present
Magic cabinet assembly and delivery for Zeezo the Black


2001 - 2005 (intermittent)
Children's Circle
Subjects studied: Shape Discernment, Speech Recognition, Shade Control, Shoemaking, Straw/Gold Spinning, Basic Forest Camouflage Techniques.

2005 - 2012
Bad Seed k-6
Subjects studied: Elementary Telekenisis, Lying, Ouija Board Mastery, Light as a Feather/Stiff as a Board 101, Sumerian Diction.

2012 - 2015
Eliphas Levi Middle School
Subjects studied: Romance Languages, Enochian Line Dancing, Time Displacement, Dodgeball Awareness, Mystic Geneology.

Psychic High School
Subjects studied: Large-scale Teleportation, Rabbit Husbandry, Silk Cleaning and Sewing.

Special courses:

Tri-Hermes Summer Abroad Program: Ancient Egypt, Third Dynasty, 2647 B.C.E.

Dear @Tammy Reins,

Please accept my application as a burglar for your planned heist of the Heart of Psyhigh at the Heart Throb Dance, this Sunday, Valentine's Day, in Mesmer Hall at Psychic High School.

You have mentioned the need for a magician, and I wanted to let you know I have all the skills you're looking for. I have a long history of criminal intent, and have scored the highest marks in my class for teleporting extremely large and mystically charged objects.

Please consider including me in your team of super villains.

Thank you for your time,

Sef the Magnificent