S. Sekeret

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Extra-Dimensional Ping Pong and Other Sports
5/18/2019 2:58pm

The walls between our world and yours are permeable, porous, and penetrable. But there's a reason we prefer to stay behind the screens, waving and whispering from two-way mirrors and windows.

It's holes.

The holes necessary for me to visit you in your dreams are very small. Impossibly small, actually. That's the only way it can work.

As soon as you try to pass anything more massive than transcendental spooky kabuki, it means tearing real holes. In reality.

These holes can get torn from either direction, and once ripped open they tend to grow, given the strain of the surface tension. Once they grow, anything can start slipping through.


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Extra-Dimensional Ping Pong and Other Sports
5/8/2019 5:36pm

I am visiting Psyhigh these days, but only in your dreams, ping-ponging around your heads at night. Or sometimes in the afternoons, you nappers.

It’s considered bad form, frankly, to do a full-body takeover. Unless it’s an emergency, but even then, somewhat distasteful.

Me and my sisters have been doing it for a long time. Sisters and cousins. Sometimes we have gray skin, sometimes brown. Usually it’s in a bright and sunny right-before-you-wake-up dream, because that’s when your mind is the most open.

We talk in bed.

I’ve got some things to tell you, so I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

You can tell me by my jewelry.