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10/3/2016 11:55pm

Nobody should try to get through the Quince alone, man. We found @Quasar lost in there and he looked bad, real bad, shivering and covered with ash and leaves. My troop picked him up and dusted him off and, quiet like mice, we passed through the border and made it to Quince's gate. Just as we slipped through, I swear I saw her in the twilight - just like everybody describes her - in her bandoliers and gambler's hat - starting to draw on us.

Luckily, the drugs wore off just then, and we found ourselves back in our burned out bunker. No place like home! See, in our world, there was a gigantic nuclear war. The whole planet. Blown up and poisoned. Don't feel bad for me though, it was a long time before I was born. But things are still real tough. Since the whole place was wiped out, the only way to get survival supplies is to steal it from other worlds. And how we get there is Dr. Quinto's World-Decoding Elixir. You take it, and as long as it lasts, you find yourself in other worlds, and whatever you can pick up and carry comes back with you when it wears off.

But see the trouble is, the only place we can get to with it is the Quince. Which is like the one place worse than here.