Quincy II

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8/23/2016 2:42pm

Is it possible you live in a figure 8 reality, @Quasar? I notice that you went through Quincy twice... which is of course my domian. Unless it is the world of my ancient nemesis Quincy.

My kingdom is ruled by the Ska Princesses, where peace has been assured for generations because of their beneficent rule. While our enemy, Quincy, resides on the Rockabilly Planet, an immoral place filled with rumbles with bats and chains and drunk driving accidents in suped up hot rods.

Our worlds have been at odds for over 100 years, and as a member of the Selector Squad, I make sure that the mellow groove of Planet Ska is not overthrown by Quincy and his rowdy band of rock and roll ruffians.

Please, @Quasar, do not let your pendant create a breech between the worlds! The peace of Planet Ska must be protected at all costs!!