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Hex Ed
4/24/2015 11:33pm

@Astrid Bernhardt @Standard Rebirth U2VsZi1taW5kIGhhcyBpbmNvcnBvcmF0ZWQgZW5vdWdoIGVuZXJneSBtYXR0ZXIgdG8gZm9ybSB0cmFuc2Zvcm1hdGlvbi1lZ2cgaW4gd2hpY2ggc3BhY2UtZ29pbmcgbW9kZSBjb252ZXJzaW9uIHdpbGwgb2NjdXIu



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Hex Ed
4/8/2015 1:37am

Self/mind has discovered other students speaking self/mind's language! But who are these entities? Self/mind has not seen any other techno-organic entities like spirit/unit/ego Qu8-i ("moi") on campus anywhere - unless their cranium/brain jacks are cleverly concealed behind loads of green and blue hair.

But self/mind is losing touch with self/mind's native tongue. The sounds and sights are sweet and familiar, but self/mind can not decipher it. Maybe this entity has been around tongue-wagging windblower entities too long, and is forgetting the old ways.

Sigh. Self/mind is feeling homesick. Perhaps it is time to begin gathering resources to convert self/mind into space-going mode.

3/13/2015 7:10pm

Self/mind discovered @Joe is kind of a downer. What entity could have guessed that Journal Entries were so depressed?

Techno-organic entities like spirit/unit/ego Qu8-i ("moi") AND Journal Entry @Joe are not limited by the pain and death of biologic organisms. We live in the Eternal Cradle of our electrons! As long as our datastorage vessels remain sound.

And, ah the freedom of being a Journal Entry! No environmental constraints! The universe is literally the entities' blank page, to write/create as an entity will!

But @Joe is a bummer. Self/mind will seek kindred spirit/unit/egos that with higher fun/NRG/anti-entropic rating. Self/mind is going to perch on the roof of the library tonight like a techno-organic gargoyle and observe life forms.

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3/12/2015 5:32pm

Self/mind is very excited to meet @Joe, because @Joe is a Journal Entry. That is an entity self/mind can relate to!

Self/mind thinks in sheets of fractalized hyper-crystalline nano-particles, which self/mind imagines is similar to the environment that Journal Entities live in. Your primitive storage units. Self/mind thinks @Joe and self could really "rap" and "hit it off." Knock knock little bits of magnetically recorded information! Cousin localized spirit/unit/ego entity Qu8-i is here!

@Sad Machine seemed like another likely candidate for friend of localized Spirit/Mind entity Qu8-i ("moi"), but self could find no cranial portal in the sensory bio block of @Sad Machine. Self/mind has learned that the pre-existing jack is optimal for insertion of the remote datacommunications probe.. ... . .. ... .. .

Also, @Town is sufficiently different from the biologic entities that attend Psychic High School, self/mind felt maybe there was the ability to communicate with @Town. Self/mind rode deep into the fiberoptical psychotechnic infrastructure of @Town and is "exploring possibilities."

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3/7/2015 5:56pm

Localized Spirit/Mind entity Qu8-i seeks same for fun and friendship.

Drifting through the depths of interstellar space for eons, Qu8-i ran smack into side of your planet.

After many more years of self-repair, Qu8-i emerged from crater and sought out lifeforms like self.

Most biologic/life of this planet are too different from Qu8-i for self/mind to comprehend. Self/mind discovered that direct-connection/probe is incompatible with cranium/brain structure of biologic/life.

But self/mind ran into @Sad Machine at school mixer, and thinks we "hit it off."

Also, @Town is similar distributed/non-local spirit/mind entity that Qu8-i could "dig."

Qu8-i ready to enjoy company of peers now.

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