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New Student Committee
6/25/2022 9:52pm

The New Student Committee spent a lot of time studying the VHS tape @Ms. Hazeltine gave us, and we got pretty good and the dances so we figured it was time to show them to the Bee People. 

@lois hanshakee took us to meet the bees. We put on our best summer bee formal wear. @Lilax looked just like a flower! It was very cute. 

So we did the dance, moving in figure eights ninety degrees off each of the points of the hexagram the school was built on. @Hoot Owling did all the math. 

The Bee People were mesmerized. They want us to come back and do the dance for the Queen!

This is not the "new student dance" I was expecting. But it's great being goodwill ambassadors or whatever. Going to look great on my high school resume!

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New Student Committee
6/14/2022 10:32pm

In light of @lois hanshakee's extraordinary discovery, I started spending some serious time with the books in the New Student Lounge library. And guess what? I ran across a big old book called "Sentient Bee Cultures and their Identification" on the tippy-top shelf. It was dusty and had a wax seal.

So I'm reading it and it says that the only sentient bees that make hives underground are MASONIC BEES! Which fits right in with the fact the school gardens are built on a giant hexagram, and scaled to the 47th Problem of Euclid.

Believe me, I know about this kind of thing. My parents made me do both Rainbow Girls AND Job's Daughters. I was running from one meeting to another for years.

New Student Committee
6/7/2022 10:44pm

Wow that @Terra Diggs sure can clean! Where do people learn that skill? From their parents? We had cleaning ladies so I never had to do it. (Frankly, I find that people with square auras tend to be very thorough. And a feeling for non-euclidean geometry is really good for getting BEYOND the nooks and crannies.)

So we got it all clean and had our housewarming tonight an everybody showed up, including @Journey Searches, @Novs Hunsmu, @Hoot Owling, and all the rest. Terra found a bunch of games in the cupboard, like Honeycomb, Hive Keeper, Matriarchy, Buzzbuzz, Stinger, and a bunch of other hex-based games. We ended up just playing Sixes.

Anyway, our first official meeting was a big success, but I still have no idea what a "Bee Invocation Dance" is. In fact, I hardly see any bees at Psyhigh...

New Student Committee
6/5/2022 10:38pm

I found the run down old building behind the library that's supposed to be the New Student Lounge. It is a dusty mess inside. And it looks like older students have been using it as a party house. It's got big old dusty comfy chairs and empty bottles and ashtrays and stuff on the tables.

And books. Lots and lots of books. Books about bees. And beekeeping.

Who's on New Student Cleaning Committee? I am not cleaning this place up all by myself.