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multiple morgans
3/4/2015 8:10pm

omg i can't believe it but now there are two morgans! this is so great!!!

there's my bestie @morgan belliwig, from time team, who's kinda sulky but totally my bff.

and now there's new girl @Morgan! i love morgans!!!

ok but maybe there's this thing. i haven't talked to new morgan at all and have only seen her across the cafeteria when somebody pointed her out but she looks EXACTLY LIKE MY MORGAN! except for the hair. and the clothes. and maybe she stands a little different. but from what i could tell she looked maybe too much like old morgan for me to be comfortable with.

worst case - when @morgan belliwig did that... thing... when she went back into herself in the past and changed time... did she do more "come backs"? like, is this another future morgan? or some other side-morgan that now is bleeding through because @morgan belliwig did that thing and now she wore out the walls of time like holes in a sponge?!!

i'm worried this is serious. but i don't want to tell @morgan belliwig in case i'm just freaking out, and i totally don't want to tell @Lydia Raivata or any teachers and get my morgan in trouble for anything... even if it's not her fault.

there's only one thing to do. time team - unite! i'm calling up abbey and kelli and whoever else i can get and we're getting in our time team uniforms and staking out this new @Morgan.

Welcome to PsyHigh
2/25/2015 5:43pm

hi gals! guess it's a good thing we didn't make it to @Lydia Raivata's Time Travel Trailer Field Trip! ;) i mean, usually they're a lot of fun but sometimes there's less fun ones. now most of green team is like, super old, and they're having a hard time fitting in. they're just totally uptight.

i really wanted to go but it turned out i'd promised Kelli we'd go to the Luminous Floating Glass exhibition and i really hate it when people break dates so i stayed but then Kelli had totally forgotten and went to a movie! so i tried getting a hold of Morgan and Abbey but then couldn't find my phone and by the time I did find it the show was over, so i just ended up staying home.

anyway, @Bel Miracle and @Hannah Lalonde, the Team is getting out the Time Cycles this weekend, and even if you haven't done any time travel they're totally easy and fun!!! we put streamers on the handles and hook playing cards up to the spokes with clothespins and you just ride them to next week and back. we have races!!!! it's really a perfect way to get to know Time Team!!!

so you two be sure to try 'em out - i really want to see you out there! and tell all your friends!!!

Welcome to PsyHigh
2/16/2015 8:34pm

hey gals! welcome to psyhigh!!!! sooooooo glad to have new members!!!!

ok, so, i'm on time team? and if you haven't heard about it it's really fun, and you get to do time travel stuff and there's uniforms and meetings and everything. and i just wanted to, you know, like welcome you to school!!!

and, FYI - there's a time travel trailer overnight field trip coming up and they're super fun, and you get to sleep overnight, and it's just really a great time to get to meet new people and have a great time and stuff.

our teacher-leader is Lydia. Lydia Raivata. she's like the coolest teacher and has the time travel trailer parked down on the lower parking lot? it's parked there when she's not time traveling in it. anyway, she's going to announce a time travel field trip like really soon and i wanted you both, @Bel Miracle and @Hannah Lalonde (and anybody!) to know about it. so keep your eye on the Time Team Annals cuz i'm sure she's going to announce it like any day now.

you do need to have, like, psy-stability level III, and you have to have all your temporal inoculations, and not everybody gets those right away when they start school but they're free so if you don't have them get down to Caduceus Clinic like ASAP and get them and then you'll totally be set for the funnest time ever!!!!

it is going to be the greatest. hope to see you there!!!

thx ;)

nova t

The Time Team Annals
2/1/2015 12:18pm

i sooooo can't believe it but we missed our chance again to go to Steven Hawking's Time Traveler Party! i thought we were all set for saturday night, but when it came around kelli had totally forgotten about it and was already downtown at a movie, and morgan is still all sulky and won't do ANYTHING, and abbey now has lost her phone and nobody even knew where she was.

so i tried to recruit some of the boys but they're always hard to get excited about anything if it's not their own idea. i even told them they wouldn't have to wear the uniforms i made and they all looked at me like i was nuts, and frankly i just said it because i know they hate the uniforms and they're idiots anyway. why aren't there any cool boys in time team?

with blue team not showing up, i tried hooking up with red and green but they're pretty insular too, and have their own schedules and aren't really very spur of the moment. not like blue! gooooooo blue!!

i've put everybody down for next saturday - no excuses! we'll hit the shindig at 12:00 UT, June 28, 2009 and then come back and see how smug that Stephen Hawking is then. ha!

The Time Team Annals
1/24/2015 11:35pm

omg so we just now found out about Steven Hawking's "Time Traveler Party?" where he had a reception for time travelers? but then he didn't announce it till after the fact, and then gloated that nobody showed up? 12:00 UT, June 28, 2009. we figured we'd give him a surprise by dropping in! tonight!!!

but... it turned out kelli had some date she just couldn't break, and morgan said she just wasn't "in the mood," and i couldn't even find abbey because her phone was dead. and when they couldn't make it then the rest of blue team said they were out, which made no chance of red or green showing up.

and then nobody wanted to do it on sunday night because that kind of thing does kinda wipe you out, which means school nights are pretty much out. and people already had stuff planned for next friday.

but we made a date for next saturday for sure!!! go.... time team!

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