Nick Backwards

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The Thought Leader
9/14/2016 12:11am

I think the protesters at the Thought Leader event deserve our praise--not the flippant derision that his supporters are dishing out. Everyone who participated in that demonstration was incredibly brave, I think.

The Though Leader's tactics are unsound at best - criminal at worst. He claims to be an active, sentient, conscious actor that controls vast territories of the time-mind, herding it around like a swarm of butterflies. Instead, he is merely an artificial personality construction, created around a naturally occurring confluence of experience streams. Like we all are.

In my psychic woodshop class, I learned that it's an illusion to believe we are the masters of our reality. The knots and burls and hollows of our experience are given to us, and we merely inhabit and care for them. To claim dominion over them is a delusion.

That is why I stand with the protesters. Let us shed light on the Thought Leader for what he really is! A holographic artifact of our own imaginations! We do not lead thoughts - we ARE the thoughts.