Megan Kildarat

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Reality Accident
12/23/2016 11:07pm

Slipping through the reality post, disguising myself as various stamps, hands on the wall, routine ID checkpoints... trying to make it through to a better set of films, a less oppressive authoritarian template...

The Psychic Underground Railroad isn't some myth--it's the only route you have to saving whatever's left of your non-reclaimed mind and soul and squirreling it away... running off with your remaining free will and finding someplace where you're unaccounted for.

Whether they call it future A1A31B or A1A31C it doesn't matter: if they can call it anything then you're already done for. The naming work, the work of being defined. Find your way outside the boxes then look for a sign and we will find you. There is life outside the domes.