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Surviving the Reality Estate Market
2/26/2015 4:05pm

Gratius... if that's da word I'm pulling out of the hummus, but here at psychic high I can imagine non-dualistic flatbread to go with 2,000 year'sss older then Jesus Christ gouda CHEESE, on a Buddha Sandwich, THESE DAMN CHIRPING CRICKETS ARE SO LOUD THAT I MET LET THEM OUT TO RESONATE FOR AWHILE AROUND THE SPACE PORT... I reminisce back to the beginning of the referee's quantum whistle, during aether ball, 24 years B.C. only 2 decades prior to the building of the microtubules off the side of the superconductor neuro-pathway they built ;44 years into the future, (phase conjugation is important, if you want to solve this algorithmically) Now I am here and so vicariously embody my hind-pilot, unfortunately for me their is no gate keeper... and the real estate is horrible, If it were survival related, although and it is... I'll rename my first-born torquise and get on with it. If this seemed irrelevant, please copy & paste into the nearest child-labor detector and write my step-son a ticket for no shoes on.

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