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5/1/2019 8:01pm

Looks like I woke up in the wrong side of the clock again. Have I mentioned how frustrating it is to live in a permanent time warp? Scratch that, I just flipped to the front of the book, and no, I haven't. Because somehow this is my first entry. This is gonna take some getting used to.

At least the warps don't seem to effect me longer than a day. Sometimes I'll wake up at six in the evening instead of the morning, or in this case at ten at night instead of eight am. I wonder how I'll attend class. Maybe I should just opt for online courses.

- Len

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5/2/2019 6:50pm

Feeling a little feverish today. Naturally I get sick on my first day of school, although looking back on my journal this is apparently my second entry. I try not to spoil myself for the future, as it can cause an annoying time loop every now and again, so I've refrained from reading it. Oh well. Just in case I didn't mention it already, I'm more or less permanently stuck in a time loop. I don't know why I wouldn't mention it on the first page, but maybe future me figured that past me would have already written it. It's a little confusing. I'll only read the entries when the dates on them have passed, just to be safe.

Thank goodness for on-campus housing, I don't know what I'd do without it. If I had to drive to class every day it could cause a major accident, seeing as the time shifts happen randomly and against my will. My father and I learned the hard way that driving is a no-no back when I was sixteen.

Walking to class is still dangerous, but way less so for everyone involved.

Anyways. I'll write more once I manage to attend a class without time shifting out of it.


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5/4/2019 3:52pm

Ah, Saturday. A day off. A day to explore the campus and what it has to offer. None of my other entries are dated for today, which means for once I'm living in the present. Exciting!

I was recently invited to join a ping pong team on account of my...abilities. But I'm not sure they understand how sporadic it is. I can't control them, and I'm afraid it could be considered cheating if I warped back a day and replayed a game we'd lost. So I'm afraid I'll have to decline. At least I don't have to say anything about it until Monday, the thought of bringing it up is anxiety inducing!

I'm gonna grab lunch. Or dinner, I guess, I've been sitting in my room for too long.


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5/6/2019 7:06am

Happy Monday! Or at least, I hope it's Monday. So far I've had two days in a row without any time nonsense, which has been more or less a vacation. Today I officially start classes, and to say I'm nervous is putting it lightly.

My parents swear I have nothing to worry about here. But they say a lot of stuff they don't mean.

First on the agenda is algebra, how fun. Math has always been my least favorite subject, numbers after numbers and confusing rules, not to mention the inclusion I of the alphabet. It's math! Stick with numbers, leave letters to english class! I just hope I don't warp out of class. I just want one more normal day. Please, just one more.


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5/13/2019 4:55pm

Not looking forward to summer classes. Since I came into the semester late I've decided to get a few credits in while I'm here over the break, and a fair bit of them are online only.

But I was looking forward to summer. Summer break is three months I don't have to worry about to nonsense. It doesn't matter if I wake up at five in the evening instead of the morning, it's summer!! But now I'll have to deal with any time shifts AND make sure I keep up with my homework. I need a hobby.


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5/13/2019 5:00pm

Oh the joy of peanut butter crackers! It's a taste I'll never tire of.

When I'm on the run and need a treat it's perfect. Fits in my pocket or my bag, and is the only known food to survive a time warp! No matter where or when I end up, I'll always have a snack waiting for me.

God bless peanut butter crackers!


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5/15/2019 5:36pm

Today I found a hole. Something compelled me to drop whatever I was holding into it, and that's how I lost my notebook. Try telling your professor that a hole ate your homework :/

If anyone knows who this belongs to I'd suggest telling them about it, I found the hole under a bench near the science building, and last I checked it's still there. Little advice? Don't approach it with something in your hand unless you wanna lose it!

On another note, I've been looking to get a roommate. I don't know if anyone else is staying here over the summer like I am, but I'm tired of waking up to an empty bed and returning to a quiet room at the end of every day. I worry my time warps would keep them awake, so I'd need someone who's a deep sleeper. Perhaps I'd be better off waiting until classes officially start again in the fall, it should be easier to find someone by then, right?

Speaking of time warps, I've noticed they get worse when I'm stressed. Figured that out the hard way, time warped out of a test I didn't study for and had to go back and beg the professor for a second chance.

Maybe I'll ask if the nurse here has anything to help control these. Who knows, I've encountered less likely things here.


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5/17/2019 7:50pm

Summer classes themselves are no big deal. It's the walk to and from them that kill me! The heat is so intense, and my only wish is for fall to come fast. Then again, once winter is here I suppose I'll complain about the cold too. Oh well.

I found out that my parents have been trying to contact me, but happen to call in the past when I've warped to the future. God, does it make them mad when I warp. I think the reason they sent me here in the first place was because they thought this school could fix me. I'd love to go through my day without checking the time every five minutes to make sure I'm not suddenly three hours behind, but honestly I've grown used to it. Mom has always been overbearing anyway. I know she just wants what's best for me, and I can respect that. I'll give her a call once class is done. Or hell, maybe I'll skip and just call now.

I'm undecided.

- Len

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5/22/2019 8:35am

I'm afraid I've made myself sick off of peanut butter crackers.

I worried at first that it was homesickness, but after rummaging through my garbage and realizing just how many packages of artificially flavored crackers I'd eaten I figured it out. I should go out for more food.

Math has never been my forte, and I'm afraid that statement holds true to this day. I spend most nights practicing problems from the book, to the point I get frustrated and warp back a few hours to try again. This may be the only time I say this, but I appreciate my ability to jump through time when it comes to homework. Maybe I'll take a class in the fall that will teach me how to better control this weird ability.

If it exists, I hope it counts as my required physical activity course.


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The Magic Squares
5/26/2019 5:03am

Is there anyone here more skilled at algebra than me?

I'm struggling to get this page of problems done, and I've warped back maybe five times trying to fix it.

It's driving me up the wall.


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