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Children's Circle
8/6/2018 3:12am

Where shall I start... perhaps the Children's Circle, then? Yes, my time as a young psychic left me bubbling with adolescent excitement. And the songs, too--they were so bright and exciting! The good old days, I'd call it. I recall waiting exuberantly for the leaves to change from shades of lime to tawny yellow-brown. The best memories were made then, with so many fresh faces just as thrilled as I was. I'd prefer not to dwell on those times, however. I don't often look into the past.

Now, as for the incident with the Reality Machine? Well...

Ah, the grand ole' "Reality Accident." A bit melodramatic to call it that, isn't it? But yes, it was quite an event and remains so to this day. I recall waking up when it happened, being jarred awake by what I thought was just a nightmare. No, it was no night terror, but instead a very real and very tangible fear. I didn't understand at first, but then grew suspicious towards the states of matter in my pet turtle's tank--the water was changing phases over and over--and then I realized that my psychokinesis was acting up. I've had full control over it since I was twelve, even after and during nightmares. I knew then it had to be a more global issue. I have to admit that I did begin panicking--worried that I might activate my much more dangerous pyrokinesis--when I suddenly felt my wings take form in the first plane of existence, the non-psychic plane. This only fed my panic, and I quickly began contacting PsyHigh and more government-affiliated organizations for information. When I finally realized what was happening, it was quite the ordeal. I called my boyfriend and explained what was happening, only to find that he had been just as frantic as I was. Silly, right? And yet, I can't find it in me to be mad at the staff working on the machine. I almost enjoyed the change in pace, I suppose. Life becomes dull when you hide away everything for so long, and it sure does change things when non-physical entities start physically manifesting.

Anyways, I hope this suffices for my first journal entry. I really do hope this site provides some enrichment for my studies.