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9/2/2016 6:34pm

Oh dear, it took so long to silence my Head Spirits tonight. Something far more troublesome happened last night though... I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar?
I was going through the dorms to get a shower (because hallways and walls are for lazy people) when suddenly they began raging up.
One even told me to attack my proffessor of Shark Tongue Reading!
I got so upset that I electrocuted myself to get a few moments of calm but they just would not stop yelling!
At this point it was barely midnight (way past curfew, golly) and I was sprinting through campus trying to find someone who could help me.
Sometime after one o'clock I fainted and when I woke up I was in a tree with my sleeping robes all tied up in a bunch. My Head Spirits seemed to be fighting with one another over my fate.
Frightened, I called for help but my voice had gone (I don't know why) so I eventually let them take over my mind and fell asleep once more.
This morning I woke up in my childhood bedroom and there were men wearing hazmat suits outside my window...
In fact, as I type this I am starting to question reality within itself; I feel as though my Head Spirits want me to let them speak again... I'll see you folks in Scientology next period, although I don't really see the point in anything much after this experience. Nothing exists does it? It's just all in my nonexistant little head... Proof, you'll ask for, however nothing is ever truly proven is it?
Farewell my little pink rabbits, you have been good to me this semester. But I have just realized this will be my (first and) last post this year as the Headmistress will be taking my computer for disturbing the Tree Heathens last night.
I have tried to explain to her it wasn't my fault but for some reason nobody seems to believe me when I tell them it was my Head Spirits. Perhaps they only exist in Astopha, where I was born. It isn't real? You must be mistaken, kind sir, for neither are you.
Goodbye dear classmates, and expect more from me in the future.

Signing off,
Kitty Von Stache

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