Kip Gilly

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2/27/2016 2:19pm

If I'm being completely honest I still have no idea what I'm doing here

I mean I opened one door and inside it was a black hole! My first class was a lesson on assasination with nothing but a snow globe! They were serving beetle hearts over the salads at lunch today!

Nothing here is normal, so I can't be here I'm normal, aren't I?! ..... Aren't I?

I mean it's only been two years since the incident... but that should be long enough, I thought it was all over I didn't... I didn't think I'd ever have to think about it again but here I am. And it haunts me every waking moment, the only break I get is in sleep.

Sleep. I think my head is hurting, I think I need rest.

Goodnight for now journal I think you and I will become friends whether we like it or not.

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2/24/2016 10:21am

I am really confused.

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