Kendra Horsey

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The Catalog of Body Movements
9/29/2016 10:51pm

yeah i was a volunteer at some of the catalog of body movement practices or shows or whatever. @Nick Gleason recorded them all does this mean i get some kind of royalties or something?

mostly it was me and a bunch of other people in the black box all doing stuff in unison like opening doors for each other or pretending to vacuum or sweep or sit and be on a computer. we would do it over and over again. he played weird sounds and lights and stuff and after an hour or so it would get kind of freaky. sometimes i swear it's like we all ended up in the same dream, in kind of a moonlit night in an ancient subdivision in san francisco or something. i made out there once in a basement, but when the lights came up there we were, pretending to sweep floors on an empty stage.