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4/16/2017 1:31pm

New week, a new entry. I think I'm gonna try writing once a week here, maybe more when things start to fade or become dull.

I've been doing some work to prepare for a trip to Alaska. I'm a pretty good photographer if I say so myself. I tend to take pictures of the sky with its ever shifting weather patterns and of anything I find interesting or beautiful. It's too bad I can't share photo's here as well, otherwise I would love to show the collection of pictures I gathered this month and the pictures I will be taking in the upcoming months.

Whenever I take a picture of the sky I tend to ask the same questions like, why is the weather never constant, why is it sunny now when it was raining a few minutes ago, why do the clouds look like they were painted on a back drop of blue and who painted them. These questions also tend to follow when I take a picture of something beautiful. Silly questions that I know have scientific answers or make me over think the simplest of things but I can't help wondering if life was really meant to be so simple and understanding.

What do you guys think? I personally believe I am going crazy or already was crazy before I realized it myself.

4/10/2017 4:21pm

I don't really know what I should write here. I guess I should just be open and honest whenever I decide to write a journal entry but since this is my first journal entry, I find myself not really willing to be as open about most things. I don't know much about the reality accident or the children's circle (outside of what I read so far) so I won't pretend like I do. I guess for now I'll just tell you a bit about myself since there is no reason not to and it's not like I'll have a lot of free time to do so while stuff is getting sorted out.

My name is Julissa (Pronounced: Jue-liss-ah). It's a mix of the names Julia and Melissa. I am a higher functioning autist (autism spectrum disorder), meaning my conversation skills fall into the more normal category, and my behavior when I am not conversing is within the more natural range making it almost impossible for other people to know I have a disability unless I state it as a fact.

I have a tendency to be distracted or look off into the distance, this tends to cause issues because I end up only hearing a partial amount of a conversation and make people uncomfortable by the sad, depressed look on my face when it happens. If such happens do not worry. I'm not sad or depressed, I just lost focus for a bit and I'm sure we can get the conversation back on track.

Onto something less interesting, likes and dislikes because everyone I have ever met has asked this question at least once. I like animated movies, all music besides classic, country, and screamo. I'm not very picky when it comes to food. I don't like peanut butter or apple sauce because of their texture. I have a small allergy to animal fur (all animals) but I don't mind taking allergy medications after being around and petting animals. I dislike it when people aren't honest but I can understand any reason for being untruthful (untruthful and unfaithful are too different things). My favorite color is purple though I also like blue, grey and dark colors. Physically I classify as female though I tend to be gender fluid when going out and making decisions (like what clothes to wear, and what movie to watch next). My pronouns are of the female variety but I am not bothered by being called 'dude', 'bro', and the like.

I think that's about it. a very talkative first journal mostly about myself but it's not like I'll get many questions about it anyway. If you do have any questions I have missed then you can ask me but I might be a bit busy so do understand if I don't respond immediately.

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