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My Stuffed Animals
10/19/2015 11:23am

hello i love stuffed animals like you i have thousands of goat stuffed animals and i love cuddling with them!

Goat Girl
10/19/2015 11:21am


My name is goat, people call me this because i look like one, and act like one. I LOVE GOATS AND SO SHOULD YOU THEY ARE THE KEY TO YOUR LIFE! GOATS ARE VERY CUDDLY AND NICE AND THEY LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE. THEY SEE YOU FOR YOURSELF YOU NEVER HAVE TO FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE SOMEONE ELSE AROUND THEM THEY ARE AMAZING!!! so i hope i have made you consider becoming a goat like me. Maybe you will be lucky like me and they will visit you in your sleep!