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The Eco-Rationing
8/7/2019 5:55pm

Personally guys, I have no fond memories of The Eco-Rationing. My mom was a real pain in the neck about the whole thing. In order to save water she made us drink the "un potable" water that the dehumidifiers collected during the Great Swamp Wave.

Gross. There was a reason it was considered "un potable"!!!!

I don't understand how we didn't all die. I mean, geeze, basically it was like drinking mold and fungus water. We even had to use it to shower. All the other neighborhood kids got to collect water near the spring by the cemetery. They had cool filters that they concocted from old sheets and the water tasted so much better! I loved getting invited over to their houses just to have a decent glass of water.

My mom insisted that the spring water was way more contaminated because of the radioactive pollywogs. I don't know. It just seemed way less gross to me.

Also I hated having to spin the cat hair into yarn for winter clothes because of the "Cotton Plant and Wool Animal Liberation" protests. It took forever to gather enough cat hair just to have enough to knit mittens.

I think the whole time was just so stressful for us because my mom was worried all the time. She grew up during the depression and that shit was hard. It felt like she was going through the whole thing again. She would not let us attend the community Garden Gathering Hymn singing nights. If she had maybe I would have fonder memories of that whole time.

I am glad Earth got better and healed through those days. Don't get me wrong. We are in a better place now even though we have to drink what we have here on campus at Psy High, Happy Recycling Urine Clean: Better Water for a Better You! At least we now know The Scientists know what they are doing!