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4/13/2017 8:35am

I always feel bad for my math teacher. It's really not his fault, all the things that have happened to him. He married his wife sometime in the 90s I'm guessing. I got all this info from sources of mine. All of which are classified. I'm in his class right now by the way. I felt that was worth mentioning. Don't worry it gets worse. It always does. After he married his wife he had about three kids. One is about 3 years old. The other is around 7 years old. And the one in this story, she's 14. Let's say her name is Shitty. Let's say my math teacher's name is Mr. Crap. Mr. Crap's wife is not a very good person, At all. She cheats on Mr. Crap without him knowing. And breaks Mr. Crap's heart. Which she really had no point in doing that because of the sheer fact that Mr. Crap is VERY good looking for his age. I'm not attracted to him. But I mean if I was 20 years older maybe. She cheated on him A LOT. Mr. Crap eventually finds out one day and as I said, he's heartbroken. He never cheated on his wife and really really loved her. Shitty his daughter has always thought she was better than everybody. She doesn't do her schoolwork and sleeps around A LOT. Guess you could say she takes after he mom. As I can only imagine Mr. Crap probably feels as if Shitty is a disappointment. Which she is. Shitty is actually very nice but is essentially a bimbo. And is actually blond. Not that being blond has to do with anything, however, she really is the stereotypical blond. I'm blond btw so I can say these things. I feel bad for Mr. Crap because of these things. He probably feels as if life is a disappointment. And it really surprises me that he hasn't killed himself yet. Not that I would want him to. He is a very nice teacher. He's probably just one of those people who try to think of the positives in life. Which I admire in him. But poor Mr. Crap.

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