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6/15/2017 4:58pm

I had a dream that I was back in the Children's Circle. I was called by my forgotten name. The teacher was a kind lady, but she was gently scolding me for doing something wrong. The ground was a carpet-like dirt that never got on anybody's clothes and the walls looked like an oak tree trunk. There was dim yellow and green lighting around the round room and there were child's paintings up on the walls.

I want to be able to dream about it more so I can remember more.

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6/13/2017 9:21pm

I can't believe it took me so long to remember all of this! Especially when I already remember so much from so many more past lives...

The memories are still slowly trickling in, like the small creek that I remember ran near the Children's Circle, but I'm able to fill in some gaps now. I actually regret putting this as my initial name when I signed up, I hope there's some way to change it as I remember the name I had!

I can see glimpses of the vines climbing along the outside of the round building, the curved ramp protruding out from it. Am I remembering that correctly? It's blurry, but it's there.

I'm so excited to remember this all! I always wanted to hang around the kids who were able to levitate, even at that age. Granted, it wasn't very far off the ground, but I still remember some of them had to be tethered with colorful stretchy leashes so they wouldn't bump their heads on the ceiling.

I hope I'm remembering it all, maybe I should try some relaxing vision practice to see if I can unlock the rest...

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