Flaveur Saveur

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Crunchy Crafts
6/24/2019 8:02pm

Tired of wilty old produce dolls? Soft and shrinky turnip heads? Limp and floppy lettuce arms? And haven't you had enough of their incessant non-poison-resistant wheezing?

Then try Flaveur Saveur!!!!

Check out my full line of GMO dolls, proudly on display in the hot hot mid-day heat at my booth in the commons! They won't wilt! They won't go soft and limpy! (when used as directed*).

Use the coupon code CGN-89564-2 when you see me for 15% off AND a free bottle of Rejujumix, with application syringe.

Get them today, and enjoy their ripe, sunny dispositions ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

*Do not eat Flaveur Saveur dolls. Do not lick Flaveur Saveur dolls. Any attempt to place Flaveur Saveur dolls in a fertilization medium will result in immediate arrest by the Flaveur Saveur Security Team. Do not expose Flaveur Saveur dolls to water that has not be properly diluted with Rejujumix.