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7/12/2015 8:40pm

I am very excited to from around the school that the third Stevenbomb will start tomorrow. Also one of my dreams must have been the future because i had passed by @bob today and he had a horn on the top of his head. As i said before i am very excited for the new stevenbomb. I have already bought the popcorn and i have barricaded myself in my dorm. One part is to protect myself from the horn disease and secondly to not be disturbed during the stevenb-

-knock knock knock=


*looks through peephole* Ahh hello Marzia *unlocks 5 locks* come in

let me just turn this of


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7/12/2015 8:12pm

I have just woken up and checked my journal and realized i must have been sleep journaling. My last three entries were about the dreams I had. This is the weirdest thing. I might have to ask @Dr. Ankhy about this since she part of the Psychic Student Health Services. I dunno maybe other people have sleep journaled before.

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Org Horn
7/12/2015 4:39pm

@bob had a weird horn thing on his forehead. Asked @Dr. Ankhy what is was and she said something like org horn or something like that. Told me not to touch it. I am still looking for a roommate if anyone needs one.

7/12/2015 1:53pm

I am very afraid to exit my dorm. Today I was walking down the hall when one of my classmates said hi to me. I did not know what to say back and the attention was driving me crazy. With the attention and my shyness combined it made a very nasty combination as a vein in my nose popped and blood came rushing out of my nose. I went to my dorm and patched it up very quickly. I have let Aiden roam the halls and bring me food every hour. I am now watching a horror movie with Marzia and still waiting the arrival of the popcorn from Aiden. I am wanting to tell Marzia the ending but I do not want to spoil it for her.


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7/12/2015 12:42pm

I was in class today and as usual was looking into the future when all of a sudden i felt a strange presence in my head. I turned around and @Scilph looked down almost immediately . I have a strange feeling @Scilph was reading my mind. When class ended i went to her and asked if she read my mind for answers. She replied no very quickly and sprinted down the hall. I felt the very same feeling in a later class we have together as well. The presence was very distracting so i had Aiden distract her by knocking her paper and pencil on the floor when he read my mind. She has avoided me many times by walking a different way when i saw her. I did not feel the presence in the last class we have together, which is good.


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7/12/2015 12:29pm

It has grown very lonely in my room at night with nobody to talk to.Yes i suppose Dean and Aiden are pretty friendly but i would like a roommate. Maria said she would but she already has a roommate and leaving her roommate would be pretty mean considering her and her roommate are best friends. If anyone would like or need a roommate you could always come to me or i could come to you. For now i must Listen to what Dean and Aiden did today. Most of what they did today is the same of what i did because they both stay close to me during the day. Remember if anyone needs a roommate just ask me.


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7/12/2015 12:09pm

Finnigan here and i would like you to meet-


I was gonna say that. Marzia is my girlfriend and she was my first friend the day i came to PsyHigh. We've been in the same classes, most of which we sit next to each other. I've already told her about Dean and Aiden. The funny thing is I'm not only her boyfriend I'm her tutor.

[Yes i am having trouble in some of my classes especially science because i think science is boring. i don't know how anyone could spend an hour in science without being bored. But my Finnigan here gets straight A's in all his classes. Probably because he cheats and looks into the future.]

Say what your ability is Marzia

[Oh yeah I'm a ghost and i am also a shape shifter but i can only become living things]

Ok I think thats it for this journal entry let me me jus-


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7/12/2015 10:33am

So as i said before i have a dark past. Well here it is. Im supposed to be dead. When i was living on Jupiter my parents died before i was 10(thats two on Earth) and ever since then i was living on the streets. At was easy because i was so young and people hate seeing sad babies and children on Jupiter. But as i grew older i got less food and money. So then i used Dean to distract people at supermarkets so i could steal some stuff. at first it was just a few apples and pears. But then i was up to stealing watermelons and big stuff. Soon people found out and i was on the run with Dean.When people that knew i was wanted got too close and would try to get me i had no choice. I made Dean bite some people and i killed one or two people. I had caught the last shuttle out of Jupiter to Earth(By which i mean i stole a space shuttle and flew out of Jupiter). Ive been keeping up with Jupiter Times Which is the planet Jupiter newspaper and they said the death bounty was revoked and they thought i was dead.

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7/12/2015 10:16am

So lately in my journal entries i've been talking about the school and what its like here but today I'm going to be talking about my past.I come from planet Jupiter the biggest planet in the solar system. It's not what you would expect it to be. We race on it's rings with fast jets. Im 15 years old. I'm actually 300 years old on jupiter but we age quickly there.I have a dark past but that can wait for the next journal entry.

-knock knock knock- -knock knock- -BANG BANG-


{Is @Morris here?}

No he's down the hall.

Hi this is Aiden and i am Finni-



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7/11/2015 8:55pm

The craziest thing just happened to me! I was watching a movie and I had just sat down with my popcorn and I had forgot to turn off the light. So then I had some weird vision type thing and something just magically turned off the light. I think i have some sort of new "pet". I said to the invisible creature to flip the tv channel and it did! I asked it to turn it back to the movie AND IT DID! I have decided to call my pet Aiden. I am now able to roam the school and sit in one class all at the same time.I made Aiden go steal me a bag of chips from the vending machine and he brought me some Fritos(my favorite type of chips) and i didn't even get caught.

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