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The Magic Squares
6/8/2019 3:45pm

One way the Magic Squares make their "leaps" is through exploiting the existence of irrational numbers. @JK Kepler calls them "the biggest weakness in the prison" and the "holes in plain sight."

Take a square, right? Say it's one unit long on a side. Cut it corner to corner and make a triangle, and how long is that side?

a² + b² = c²

So, in this case c² = 2. which means the diagonal is 1.41421356237... except it goes on forever! It just kind of rambles for eternity, and never settles down to a single permanent whole value.

AND BUT THERE IT IS IN THE SQUARE! Obviously a real distance we can see... but the number system isn't equipped to describe it.

Same deal with circles, except it's 3.14159265359...foreverandever...

But we're only allowed to believe in numbers. Science, amirite?

So the Magic Squares make their math spells to find and measure the space between those numbers that never end and where reality begins, and then they shoot through it.

Like today, we're drinking fresh Bomblefruit juice on the orange beaches of Pontilux 5--one of the planets from @Len's assignment. So that was a nice bonus for everybody.

The Magic Squares
5/27/2019 6:45pm

I'm sure that someone in the Magic Squares would be able to help you out, @Len. Especially if it's about Lie algebra -- they're always talking about non-associative, alternating bilinear maps. I think they could really help you out! We meet in the Hilbert Space above the library almost every night, preparing for our summer fields trip.

The Magic Squares
5/20/2019 5:39pm

Well @Darius Yeager sure was helpful with my puzzle about the Riemann Zeta Jones function, and I have been accepted into the Magic Squares! And they sure weren’t kidding about the “squares” part LOL.

But now they expect me to know all kinds of stuff, like the permissible types of hidden variable theories, because they’re planning a field trip and need to do all this math to get there. What have I gotten myself into???!

The Magic Squares
5/11/2019 7:08pm

Hey @Darius Yeager are you available to help with homework? I don't know if you know about the very secret and powerful psychomathematics club on campus called the Magic Squares but they invite people to their group by asking them to solve esoteric puzzles concerning the nature of reality. So I got an invite but I need to provide a solution to the Riemann Zeta Jones function. Are you available for tutoring? I'll buy you a soda at the Spoonbender!