Even Steven

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9/23/2016 9:19am

Remarko, the god of surprise. Waiting in line at the bank, twirling the tassels on his alpaca hat, he saunters up to the teller and asks her for her name and if he can call her sometime. He does all his banking online. The teller agrees, and as he's putting her number into his phone, he releases a virus into the bank's computer network that turns all the money into weasels, which pour out of tills and open vaults, scrambling up the pant legs of security guards and through revolving doors and out into the streets.

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9/22/2016 8:39am

Enthusia, the goddess of continual change. Spotted this morning spinning her arms and second hand scarves near the bus stop. Counting time or creating it. At the coffee shop she pulls out a handful of coins and buys a cup of drip, fills it with milk and honey. People rotate around her, locked in patterns at a slower rate, a higher gear ratio, still changing but - subject to relativity - unaware of her motivating effect.

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