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Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
2/3/2016 12:26pm

Well whoever did that super nice thing of waking me up should. Be honoured.. It's kind of hard to breathe. Right now. I...
I.. have. To go. Check on. @Evanora, to make. Sure that's. She right...

I dont think. I'll be sleeping for. A long while. After this. A LONG while.

Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/31/2016 6:46pm

I...lost an eye today. I don't know really what happened, but my body clawed it out. The Connection between my Dreamselfy and my Body are close to nothing. I can hardly feel what I'm doing in the real world. Time is lost to me.

I have to go. Someone has to check on me. PLEASE.

Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/25/2016 10:24pm

I know what she wants. I don't have much time. She wanted my body to control. Keep her out. I have to go. She's coming. I can feel it. I have to try and reconnect my body.

[There you are child. You're going to f#cking pay for that.]

Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/18/2016 12:31pm

.....does.....any.....body....know....how ...to...help...me...?

i....can...not....escape.....her....grasp.... please....someone.....help....me...




Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/14/2016 9:32am

Oh no. This is getting worse and worse. Someone, anyone, can you please keep @Evanora awake? I'm fighting in her dreams with an enemy I can't see.

Am I asleep or awake? I don't know now. Reality is blending in with Fantasy. I don't know what's what anymore. Am I in class? Am I feeding the reindeer?

Most importantly..

Am I, Emilia ├×orsteina Plissken, eating?

Well that is not the most important thing. The most important this is keeping Evanora and everyone else safe, even if it costs me my physical body. Well, I hope it won't but it might. It just might.

Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/13/2016 8:50am

Well I checked the weather, and a reindeer did a sunshine spell. It seems like we got the snow part covered down.

I can feel that too. That someone -or something- is blocking your dream/memory/thing. It's quite strange. I noticed that someone was pushing me out of your dreams. They are quite forceful, and if I don't keep my guard up, they could divulge into your deeper subconscious, then alter or erase memories, while you sleep. Except this sleep would be more of a coma than a normal rest.

We have to get to the bottom of this, quickly, or your life as we know it (as well as mine) could be over.

Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/12/2016 9:13am

I wonder if it's a prophecy?

I googled it and several websites say that the future can come in dreams. Of course, that could all be part of your memories, and its something that you buried deep in your mind, never to be seen again.

Does it frighten you?

It sounds like a leader with a large army against us. I think. In winter? There's snow around here but not like the snow in your dream. I see myself in your perspective. I'm shouting something. I can't hear what.

This is quite confusing. Like, I see others I -you- know.

This is quite weird.

1/11/2016 9:33am

Ugh. Sometimes I hate myself.

I bought a $100 bottle of champagne, even though I don't drink. Actually, I have no idea where it even came from, but the receipt matches the bottle and it was 101.69$. I have way more than that saved up, for ol' mom and dad wanted me to have a good life. Before they died.

Moving on. The reindeer love to be out of the box they used to live in, and I don't really feel like putting them back. They did help me put all the Christmas stuff away. That was nice.

I should be able to, but I'm not sleeping well. Something is making me uneasy, and I feel like I'm constantly being watched. Its quite unsettling. No real person is noticing this.

Everytime I look in the mirror, I see dark circles under my eyes, and my reflection moves, smiling as if she had daggers for teeth. Like she could hurt me -or anyone- in the worst way possible.

Maybe I'm hallucinating, but still. Dreamwalkers are known to go insane. Most of them anyways. Almost all of them.

People express their worst fears through their dreams.

That's what scares me.

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Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/11/2016 9:23am

I don't quite know. It's still fuzzy. I think there was a field, covered on snow. Oh. I see now.

It's part of the sprawling meadow grass that is around the school. Holy moly there is a ton of students facing each other. There seems to be one in the center, one more important that the rest. I can't see who it is, really.

There's been fighting, lots of it. Pain is everywhere, including myself? I don't understand this.

I've never actually done this before. It's quite strange, really.


Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/7/2016 9:31am

@Evanora, well, the question is really does your subconscious guard them as well? Or does it let me float on by, watching the images your inner sanctum has conjured.

Of course, I never divulge the best dreams, only the worst nightmares. If I don't...then well you can dig a grave and dump my body in it. If I don't then I will forever sleep.

The end.

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