Elle Grey

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11/18/2016 7:55pm

Walking down the hallway, looking at everybody walk past without glancing at me. They're not looking at me. They're not.
My brown-reddish hair is my favourite part of myself honestly. The way it cascades naturally down my back in small curls. Saying that's my favourite part sounds bad but I still love everything about myself, I love my big hazel eyes, the way my nose crinkles when it's cold. There are just some things I like more.
I'm funny, but most people don't know that. Reserved and quiet, the words they use to describe me. I just don't like to talk a lot to people I'm not really comfortable with.
Of course, people try to be nice and just say I'm shy and not into socializing much. That is actually far from the truth. I am the loudest person you'll probably ever meet. I will run at you, screaming your name and jumping on you if I ever see you.
I'm new here. I don't think they'll see that part of me just yet.
I love to study, to gain more knowledge, and to further advance my skills. Might sound like a nerd but I guess I am.
See you soon hopefully.

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