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The Cassandra Propaganda
12/6/2015 12:26am

I guess closing a portal can be as easy as pulling a plug. I'm really sorry about my apocalyptic predictions about the cascade effect of the Cassandra Propaganda. I thought I did all the math right, but I'm still learning all this as I go along.

We still have all the snow-men to deal with though. The gateway has been shut, so where do they go? They're everywhere - stumbling through town, getting part-time jobs, running for office. Which is fine, really - I'm not one of those anti-dimensionalist immigrant people at all. But these beings really aren't human. They're literally a force of nature. They didn't even come here on their own, but were a distortion artifact created by a madman. And after they've been cut off from their dimension long enough I think they'll start to go wacko, just like in @Princess Karnack's news clippings.

We need to send them back. We need to run the cycle backwards. The last show I went to I took a lot of readings with the equipment I snuck in, and I was able to record the whole sequence - descent, search, and ascent. The snow-men have ascended. Now they need to go back - down. Which I can do by reversing the Cassandra Propaganda wave.

I've done a full advance spectrum analysis, with full noise interference on the forward and return path. For a carrier wave, we need something that transmits as continuously as possible, and has the widest coverage. Radio waves won't do because the snow-men have already entered the visible spectrum. But light waves will work. Which is why I'm going to commander the streetlights all over town.

You might have noticed that streetlights were all recently replaced with digital LEDs. This is more energy efficient for the town, but does give everything that kind of hazy, digital feel. Like it's all on TV. Which is perfect.

I know I promised not to touch the controls anymore, but I think this calls for it. I'm going to start moving the knobs again, and if I can set up the frequencies just right, I think I can give the snow-men a ride back home.

You might want to stay in. And shut your blinds and curtains if you can see the streetlights at all. Because this might give you a headache if you stare at it too long.

The Cassandra Propaganda
11/30/2015 7:29am

I think we all underestimated the Cassandra Propaganda. They took one good riff and turned it into a screeching chasm between dimensions. The frequency distortion is in a cycle with three phases: the "descent" (loss), the "search" and the "ascent." By having such attention focused on the contents of the cabinet (and the ancient memories of death and rebirth that they generate), the modulation of the spectrum brainwave activity opens up the door. That's where the snow-men are getting in. They incorporate the distortion algorithms into baseline-human forms and pop into our world, like bubbles. But if my calculations are right, @Hormiga Man has gone too far, and started a cascade effect that can't be stopped, and will create a ripping of our reality that can never be closed.

The Cassandra Propaganda will shred infinitely.

The Cassandra Propaganda
11/15/2015 8:27pm

That was absolutely the best Cassandra Propaganda show so far. I really loved the addition of the Mysta-GoGos - the dancers they had on the sides of the stage.

I still don't really see how @Hormiga Man does it. That's what so makes their shows worth going to. If you look really closely when he's building the cabinet, you can see it's an Anaktoron - which is like totally a relic, don't know if he inherited that or found it on Craigslist or eBay or what, but it still seems to work.

What I don't get is how he achieves his effect with no apparent distortion product. The cross modulation is clearly evident - where he imposes the signal distortion from one channel over another (our channel, that is) - but what happens to the second-order beats is a complete mystery. The artifacts produced underneath a carrier like that should clearly result in more than just a few pomegranate seeds and sheafs of grain. I'd expect the delayed bandwidth voltage to make something orders of magnitude more complex. Intelligent, event.

I can't wait to see it again. Maybe next time I'll sneak in something to take some readings. Like a BER measurement in QAM mode. Maybe then I can track down its child frequencies and figure it out.

So yeah, @Pearline, the show is SUPER good.

The Cassandra Propaganda
11/4/2015 1:33pm

Yeah I think it has something to do with Pataphysical Frame Rate? The Cassandra Propagana fiddles with our anthropomorphic video aspect ratio using large temporal frequencies, which causes central flicker fusion. Temporal frequencies are translated to spatial frequencies through motion, and the spatio-temporal frequency spectrum of an apparently natural scene becomes apparent, giving the audience a view of the outside of the box. This is a signal that isn't usually available to consciousness.

When things happen in and around the box at higher temporal frequencies than half of the sampling rate (the Nyquist frequency), the result is temporal aliasing, the creation of artifacts caused by high temporal frequencies interactions with a slow sampler (the audience). This is what produces the artifacts that @Hormiga Man presents at the end of the demonstration.

I know I promised not to fiddle with the controls anymore, but just imagine if you could do a Cassandra Propaganda on the Big Picture?

11/2/2015 6:49pm

I've wondered how people can see if they're invisible. I mean, if you're invisible, then light passes through you, right? But, if your retina is invisible, then the light just passes through it, so how do you see anything, @Nobody?

Obvs there are greater sciences than the one we know. I'm signed up for that class next term.

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The Cassandra Propaganda
10/31/2015 12:49pm

Wow, so, OK, maybe I should have worn the goggles and the lead smock and and least the earplugs that @Kate Bliss II offered me but I really wanted to experience it directly, myself, you know?

I still think my internal psychobathymetric pressure is way off, though I assume that should reset itself. But at the end, after @Hormiga Man brought out what was in those baskets and showed everybody... I can't really remember what happened next. Does anybody? I just kind of remember being outside, in the corn maze, looking at the moon, looking down at my feet in the dirt... Somehow I guess we all made it home?

The Cassandra Propaganda
10/30/2015 7:52pm

So I got all the controls back into the right positions. The horizontal control, the vertical control, the differential, side-learning, the emotional depth, pallor, pallor II, I was up all night! But something's still out of whack, and it's centered over Mesmer Hall. Can any of you see that out of your dorm room windows? It's like a big purple lightning bolt that won't go away. If this is my fault I feel really bad, everybody, and promise never to touch the controls again.

The Great Hallowe'en Disappearance
10/29/2015 7:39pm

This Ghosting Epidemic is only temporary, I promise! Psyhigh is really trusting of its students, which is why they leave the controls unattended.

I thought maybe I could just fine-tune things a little. Not that things were really out of whack, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

Ok except maybe I'm not that good with technical stuff. Which is why almost everybody sort of staticked out. Everybody except @Nobody anyway. Everybody else, well yeah, they fizzed away.

But they're not gone, I swear. They're just... out of tune? I am sure that if I just keep tweaking with these knobs, I'll ba able to... ZZZZ$ZLTPH#?FFFF!!ZTt.