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7/16/2017 1:43am

Dear journal,

Yay! New student at Psyhigh, for ages now i've been trying to get in to this school. This school has loads of great reviews, the other students are lovely, the teachers are nice along with very smart they definitely know what they are talking about.

That was what i expected to write in my journal, but it's not true. The truth is i really don't want to be here it's horrible the other students just bully you, they look very scary and abnormal. I hate it here the teachers don't have a clue what they are on about and are quite dumb and they are not nice at all. I didn't want to change schools in the first place but because of the bullies at my old school my moved me. Now i'm here in this school i detest, just because they have amazing reviews better than any other school, it was free and i could get started straight away! However it was all a lie (apart from that it is free and i could get started straight away. Oh no better go before anyone walks in due to me sharing a room with 49 other horrible children (its a boarding school). Come and get me mother, please.

Elena x

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