Dux Fortis

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10/17/2016 11:24pm


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Coming home "sick" on the first day...
5/20/2016 12:29am

I had to come home "sick" on the first day after my teleportation from Australia caused my shapeshifting abilities to turn me into a piglet, they were waiting for me there, and when I got there they helped me turn into a humonix, My true form, a cross between Phoenix and human, looks like I know what pet i'm getting, and sent someone back with me incase something went wrong, Thankfully I was able to complete the entry form and they are currently making a wormhole straight to my dorm, the technology these days is surprisingly still so behind on what us students can make here at this school, I should be all set for tomorrow and then i'll see what I get up to in Psyhigh!

Catch you Psychics later,

~tauira toa Fortis
or in you humans language, Dux Fortis
Or in you english speakers, (you people are such simple speakers!) Leader O' Strong Ones

Coming home "sick" on the first day...
5/20/2016 12:00am

Well, It's my first day getting ready to learn to take control of my psychic powers, well, then again, everyone has psychic powers, but not as strong as me or any other students.
I'm so excited to be here, I hope I fit in well, I guess you don't need to do anything to make friends with the telepathic ones, they'll already know all about you after 5 minutes.

I will get back after my first day, I hope that this is a good choice, I might even have a chance to talk about my theories on... Maybe i'll talk about it next time, until then, wish me luck!