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Strange Patterns
6/1/2017 3:25am


To all those who have contacted Strange Patterns: head to quarantine as soon as you observe this message. The substance and its bugs has been proven to be severely hazardous to health by the Society of Psychic Medics. We implore you to visit your nearest Psychic Medic to be admitted to quarantine and treated. Your nearest medical facility equipped with a Strange Patterns Quarantine is:


The Society of Psychic Medics are working in collaboration with the College of Material Studies and the Department of Psychoentomology to find an eradication method for these creatures which is permanent and not lethal for the user.

If you know anyone who is incapable of admitting themselves to quarantine who has contacted the Strange Patterns material please inform campus staff and they will escort the patient to the quarantined area. This is considered a High Risk Vector condition and must be treated immediately.

Thank You For Your Understanding

We Respectfully Hope We Don't Have To See You

The Society of Psychic Medics

General Psychic Clinic
6/1/2017 3:04am

Jess Gynn presents with complaints of extra limbs. Extra limbs is a vague condition and can be caused by many diseases, disabilities and disorders. Initial examination reveals a rather impressive tail. Fur patterns are most similar to that of a cat, but like most fur patterns it also bears resemblance to the dog and fish. I reassure Miss Gynn that it is nothing to be concerned about and is often from a normal cause. The extra limbs is something of the stomach ache of conventional medicine.

Jess Gynn informed me that she has been feeling abnormal since she arrived on our Earth some time ago. It began with the phases of the moon and Jupiter being in retrograde. We completed a star chart and moon phase diary and concluded the condition was linked to Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun.

The likelihood of this being a treatable condition is decreasing rapidly to the point of oblivion, and I informed Jess Gynn of this. She said nothing and only gestured for the exam to continue.

Future Psychic Medics pay attention: what condition is most likely to present with the following symptoms?

Symptoms: Extra limbs, elevated ichor pressure, condition tied to the sun and moon, fur developing on skin, hatred of washing or swimming.

A. True lycanthropy
B. Pullman's dysplasia
C. Change of species
D. Short-term lycanthropy

If you responded C, you would have reached the same conclusion as I have. It seems Miss Gynn has contracted a condition which has changed her species. I analysed her Energies and DNA, which reveals she is now of the species Felis sapiens, or essentially a were-cat. Every time Jupiter is in retrograde, at night on a waning through waxing moon, Miss Gynn becomes a creature bearing resemblance to a rather large housecat. The condition peaks during the full moon, as is traditional, and during such a time she can transmit her condition to others (which she is not keen on and responded to with a hiss).

Miss Gynn seemed wholly unimpressed with the whole affair and reminded me of her accommodation at the moment. Hence I am going to send out a request of those who enter my clinic to see if they could house Miss Gynn for a while until she can find somewhere without humans in to stay in. For now she will be taking residence in my clinic. There I can monitor her and ensure nothing untoward occurs during these first months of changing. Gangs are all too common now, and Miss Gynn seems the impressionable sort.

General Psychic Clinic
5/31/2017 11:17am

Anita Klue contacted me after a severe case of creative cramps.

For those whose understanding of psychic medicine is subpar, there are three groups of two muscles that are invisible to standard viewing forms (with the exception of in certain entities - notably the so called mermaid, which uses these muscles to form a tail). There are several muscles that work in tandem:

1. The verbal and aural muscles work together to be the social muscles (otherwise known as comedic timers, gift of the gab et cetera). Symptoms of damage or cramp in these muscles can include tongue-twistedness, inability to communicate verbally and temporary physical deafness. See your psychic health professional if you think this may have occurred to you.

2. The occult and meditative muscles form the psychic muscles. In most humans these muscles are not present in any form. It is by looking for these muscles that a psychic doctor can tell whether a being has any psychic potential and have them sent to the Children's Circle for early intervention. Symptoms of damage or cramp to these muscles includes Third Eye strain, inability to focus and strange puddles following the patient around on the ceiling.

4. The aesthetic and audiologic muscles are collectively known as the artistic muscles. These are the muscles that mermaids use as rudimentary tails, hence why they are oft found singing to travel (its easier and more effective than painting on the go). Symptoms of damage or cramp can include refusal to read, inability to view art without feeling nauseous and hatred of classical music or "All Star" by Smash Mouth. Please immediately contact your local psychic health professional if you experience any of these symptoms as they could be a sign of something more serious.


Anita settled herself on a bed of fresh green leaves. I'm pleased to report that I recently added some basil and a small sprig of asphodel at an anonymous request. To whoever asked for that, I assure you my examination table is ready to accept you whenever you wish to call on me.

Anita showed me the muscle in question; it was without a doubt the aesthetic muscle and was it solid! I tried some suggestions for something to relax it but she blocked her ears to Smash Mouth and outright began frothing at the mouth at the suggestion of classical music! A relaxant was the next step, and Anita allowed me to shoot the medication directly into the muscle. This relaxed the muscle enough for me to manipulate it using multidimensional tweezers.

Upon examination, several segments of the muscle had been damaged and become necrotic due to lack of ichor flow. I had to remove these objects to avoid poisoning the rest of the muscle. I then replaced them with a few random pieces of desk junk that I had lying around. The best ideas grow from random objects with obscure histories, a little tip for aspiring Psychic Medics.

All through this Anita was relying sheerly on trust in me as I had only one pair of Unseeing Spectacles. A quick stitch in time saved nine and then I discharged Anita with the instructions to not engage in creative activity for at least a week to allow the muscle to regenerate.

The necrotic tissue was sent for analysis.

As is the norm, the tissue was developed and the ideas within scribed. The report detailed the escapades of some woman named "Enroby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way" and was so horrendous I was incredibly relieved I had made the right decision to extract the tissue.

Thus ended another day of the clinic. Be aware that over break it is highly likely for chronic candies to appear if certain conditions have been contracted over the winter. Contact Dr Krimsborg if you notice rainbow pastilles attached to your face (in particular the purple ones - they're grape flavoured). He will extract and donate the pastilles to charity for free (although if you wish to keep and consume them yourself, a small surcharge will be applied).

General Psychic Clinic
5/30/2017 4:35am

My first patient from PsyHigh: Utora 7.

Background information: Utora 7 is a pyromancer who is experiencing pain when communicating using Lohmberg-Strausman psychic channelling.

Notes from meeting:
I invite Utora 7 into my examination room. I offer them the choice of examination beds, and Utora 7 chooses the firepit, as I had anticipated. From the vocals of the aid message sent I predicted Utora 7 was a fire-dweller (their Voices always seem a little hoarse and crackly) and had lit the firepit some time ago.

Utora 7 quickly addresses me, asking what I think it could be.

I explained that there are many causes for pain whilst psychically channelling, but that Lohmberg-Strausman channelling is usually not affected. This reduces the differential exponentially. Naturally, I do all the standard checks one does - levitation, future prediction, high speed chanting et cetera. All seemed normal, which was good.

Examination with regard to types of psychic channelling reveal that Utora 7 has difficulty in all fields of channelling, but this is made most apparent during the aforementioned Lohmberg-Strausman channelling.

I concluded with a diagnosis of psychic communication disorder (type IV) and wrote a prescription for Fantasimiria. As per guidelines, I also recommended several weeks of therapy with the local school therapist. Utora 7 planned a followup appointment with me so I could ensure the medications had no untoward side effects.

CC: Utora 7

CC: Miriam Darlester
Psychic Therapist, PsyHigh

General Psychic Clinic
5/29/2017 2:59am


Has your Third Eye become sore and itchy? Do your scales appear listless and dull? Have you been a victim of a Psychic accident?

Dr Krimsborg, DPM, can help!

Dr Krimsborg is making a stop at PsyHigh to test, diagnose and treat members of the school for free! He is experienced in all matters of psychic health and is unafraid to examine all entities who visit him!*

The clinic opens the moment you read this message: ◉卜℮

Simply respond telepathically to this message and it will be written onto the files. If telepathisism is difficult due to medical concerns, visit the clinic by following the instructions of the man in front of the fountain. He sometimes takes the form of a blob of water so talking to he fountain will yield similar results.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Krimsborg, DPM

* Certain entities may be subject to a brief waiting time if they require alternative examination methods

General Psychic Clinic
5/28/2017 1:31pm

I am Dr Krimsborg, DPM (Doctorate of Psychic Medicine). I am making a brief stop at Psyhigh to assess the general health of the student body. I arrived just last night and am about to post flyers for my clinic. I need to rest now though, warp travel is never pleasant even for the most experienced.

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