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Witch Hunt
8/9/2020 8:31pm

I went to the Witch Hunt on Saturday afternoon mostly just because Briney asked me to because I don’t really believe in those things. I’m here on a Scientia scholarship and to me the biggest “mystery” is why aren’t people studying harder for their summer finals??!

But it was a beautiful day and good to get a little fresh air and sunshine. So we all checked out bikes from the bike stables and mine was extra frisky and kept rearing up and spinning its tires so I let it run and ended up on top of Storm Mountain, where I discovered an old weather control station from the 1970’s or something, all groovy contoured plastic and fat green computer screens. And dust. Lots of dust. It’s exactly what I needed for my forensic techno-archeology extra credit report. Thanks @Briney Santastic!