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11/11/2015 2:17pm

HEYA!!! sorry i haven't like, posted in AAAAGES, you know how you can get caught up in the rippin and rolling LOL!!!!!!
SO LIKE, recently ive been TOTALLY playing around with my abilities, and things are getting GNARLY! turns out when i said dance is a universal language, it also counted as multiversal too LOL!!! who'd have thought that my funky flow could be so BODACIOUS when it comes to talking to like, ghosts and stuff? like, the """" incident """"" (SICK PARTY) at @Kayla May s place got me all "WOAHHHH, bro, we could be ONTO SOMETHING!"
my current goal is to see if i can communicate with oscar wilde so i can ask for fashion tips, hes the kinda dude you can rely on for that...


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The Cassandra Propaganda
11/4/2015 2:39pm

DUDE, the cassandra programme was OFF. THE. RITCHER. like, i only understood half of it but it was TOOOOOOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS! im pretty sure @Ella Shanks explained it good but like, i understand the words you used individually but i couldn't make sense of them all put together like that LOOOOOOOL!!!

it was like, MONDO primo how it messed with my funky flow, i was totally BUZZING when i walked (?) outta there! DUDE, it messes with your head! but the best part were all the SICK shirts i bought, it was like, the sale of a LIFETIME. and the fashion show??? OUTRAGEOOOOOOUS-!

The Cassandra Propaganda
10/30/2015 11:19pm

@Triptolemus OH!!! that is so GNARLY, i am TOTALLY down for corn, that like, seals the deal. Plus, theatre is SO my thing, thanks for explaining!!!!! I'll see you there hopefully LOL!!!!

The Cassandra Propaganda
10/30/2015 3:48pm

did someone say....FASHION SHOW!!?? dude, you can't count ME in!!! and im like, SO there for t shirt sales too, it sounds GNARLY.

so is this like, a play or something? ive never really gotten into the whole like, MYSTERY aesthetic but it's rad to try new things i guess, and in this kind of school i better get used to it LOL!!!!!!!CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHO THE SPECIAL GUESTS ARE!!!!!!!!!!

ok, time to pick out a cute outfit...

Halloween Happening: Arcane Apparition Amplificati
10/30/2015 3:36pm

HI GUYS!!!!! ok so like, the big dealio about the dancing dinner snacks? im like...TOTALLY catching up with it bro! so like, in my underworldly dead languages class (it all just sounds like, blerghhhg blerhf blergh but WHATEVS) my teacher like mentions that this year is THE halloween year cuz there's a totally RIPPED influx of spirits like WAY MORE THAN USUAL!!!!! and they will latch onto like, LITERALLY WHATEVER.

and so like, you know how my abilities are. uh. dance based? turns out i have a GNARLY knack with SPIRIT STUFF!!!! as it turns out WHAT I SAID ABOUT DANCE was so true, it's a universal (multiversal????) language dude, it's how i channel my FUNKY FLOW!!!!! so @Gretel if you ever have ghost troubles again just HMU LOOOOL. now i just gotta like, find the right tunes to get tell them the whole possessing snacks thing is SOOOOO bogus, @Kayla May IM DOING WHAT I CAN!!!

anybody got some ghostbuster vinyls? my music player is like, POSSESSED LOL!!!!!!

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10/23/2015 4:44pm

I AM SOOOOOOOOO ON BOARD FOR THIS @Kayla May!!!!!! We could totally have like, club that I mean DANCE OFF COMPETITIONS!!!!!! Well, we could totally have stuff like multiversal lgbt+ history days too ...I am SO full of wicked sick ideas bro, seriously just H-M-U! I could even like, make psychorhythm activated badges and stuff, mang...we should have a club opening event bro...something BIG!!!

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Sentient Sleepover Snacks
10/23/2015 2:17pm

@Kayla May so like, the good news is that your copy of Pride and Prejudice learnt to like, do the peyton place after midnight? and is TOTALLY ROCKING IT!!!!! ive NEVER seen a household object rock it so hard since like, that incident in the canteen lol!

BAD NEWS: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE VERY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT MY OWN ABILITIES!!! this could TOTALLY go on like...forever!!! well, probably not, but like, good luck figuring this out LOL!!!! also before you get mad im apologizing in advance about like, everything that's happened in your fridge. SORRY!!!!!!!
at least stephy is having like, a gnarly little nap!

Sentient Sleepover Snacks
10/20/2015 3:33pm

LAST NIGJT WAS LIKE SO CRAZY LOL!! im so tired i can like, feel my body slowly dying which basically means our sleepover ROCKED.

i snuck into @Kayla May and @Sthephie Serpenthine room last.night and we had SUCH A BLAST LOL!!!! me and stephie were totally getting krunk on the dance floor (AKA JUMPING ON KAYLAS BED) whilst our midnight snacks lined up and acted like, backup dancers in a music video or something, it was WICKED SICK BRO. i can't remember much else except totally CRASHING OUT ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

actually, Ummm, the snacks are STILL THERE I JUST REALIZED. stephies cookies are like, dancing on the window sill???? kaylas copy of syntactic structures is like, totally tearing itself apart...LOL?! it's moves are pretty gnarly but KAYLA ISN'T GONNA BE HAPPY!!! MY DANCE ENERGY SHOULD'VE BURNT OUT BY NOW!!!

the girls are still SLEEPING ... should i EAT THE SNACKS!!!!! they could totally like, RETALIATE IN MY STOMACH. then id need some serious yoga work LOL!!!!!!!!!

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/19/2015 3:06pm

UMMM WHAT IS GOING ON LOL?!?! like, @Sthephie Serpenthine you're so right this is NOT BLOWING OVER BRO!!!! this TOTALLY sounds like some grim story from one of my multiversal history classes, like when a dude is talking about eradication then things are gonna get PRETTY BOGUS.

im like, soooo freaked out right now? how could a guy who was bustin out such sick beats start busting out these FREAKY phrases...i have like, no idea what to do right now LOL. maybe they need like, a zumba session or something? .

Return of Mattie!
10/18/2015 2:14pm

Woah, it's like, totally gnarly that Mattie is back, i mean, i don't know MUCH about her but she sounds pretty rad! it's like, so awesome that you were kinda at the party bro, Hope u got to see my SICK moves LOL!!!!

there's like, that whole thing about the dance going on, but im sure @Pearline is TOTALLY gona crack that case or whatever, LOL!!! she's like, super smart and stuff, trust me it'll be SUPER cool, ill totally bust out some sweet congratulatory MOVES when it blows over and stuff, dude!!!

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