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Witch Hunt
7/31/2020 8:14pm

How about a Witch Hunt? Except we’re the witches, and we’re on a hunt. It’s sort of a magical scavenger hunt except you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Meet tomorrow at 2 at the Lower Campus Garden. Bring a friend!

Witch Hunt
8/13/2020 10:51pm

I have a friend with a car and we're taking a Witch Hunt field trip this weekend. It's a "1972 Ford Country Squire" which doesn't mean anything to me but she says it can go the speed of light.

She's picking me up at 11am tomorrow morning sharp in front of the administration building and we probably have room if you're cool and want to come.

Otherwise, whoever shows up to the usual Witch Hunt on Saturday at 2 you can just decide what you want to do on your own.

Witch Hunt
8/19/2020 9:04pm

My field trip Witch Hunt (where I was the witch and I was on a hunt) was a success! I found a white snake. It was in a drawer. When I tried to scoop it up in my white velvet bag it got a lot shorter, so I let it go.

I also got to drive through a county fair, but it also may have been the Psyhigh Fair and Rodeo that's happening this Saturday. On account of my friend's station wagon really does go the speed of light, and a little over. Anyway I played a ring toss game over old fashioned glass pop bottles that stretched their necks and squirmed in the air, so they were really hard to hit. And I played a creaky steampunk ufo catcher game and really wanted the toy derringer but didn't get it. The rides looked totally dangerous.

In answer to your question, @Sterling Silver, pendulums are not forbidden, so long as you are able to practice a style of total "no-mindedness" while operating it, as your own conscious/pre-programmed desires could sway the pendulum, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Similarly, the Witch Hunt rejects the capitalist notion of the reification of labor and human value as an exchange commodity, and thus can not endorse the purchasing of your items online or in person.

Witch Hunt
9/3/2020 8:39pm

Oh @Narv Cummings I am so sorry! I know how frustrating that can be. Well, I don’t personally know FIRST hand, but I can imagine.

I think you may be approaching it all from the wrong direction. First, get out of the pool, the go to the cabana, get a drink with a little umbrella in it and join the conga line!

On the other hand, I suppose you could be one of those decoy bodies that’s just dreaming you’re a real boy. In which case then yeah, maybe it’s just not possible.

Witch Hunt
9/13/2020 10:08pm

Yes it's true @Leo Bouquet that the Scavenger Hunt of the Witches does not always bring us beautiful things. It can only lead us to events in our local probabilistic area.

For instance today, using the Witches' Wind technique, I found myself on one of the fingers of the river, near the old dump. There was a sunken motor boat, and a decrepit cement boat launch, much deteriorated.

I took this to demonstrate that even in this poisoned industrial landscape, there were still channels and pathways for the flow of information through space and time, and that we ourselves are vehicles for this information.

But I'm a glass half full kind of person.

Witch Hunt
9/23/2020 10:35pm

Well you've got it bad, @Theta Mill. An old fashioned Scavenger Hunt for Witches isn't necessarily meant for trans-temporal consciousnesses like yourself. I know your type: existing outward in four dimensions, inhabiting a much larger range of the -c and -Uc scales than most humans' mere seven-second cycle, fully aware of your role and agency as a vehicle of meaning in the infoverse.

But even in your world, there's still dragons out there, right? I mean in the "Here be dragons" kind of way. On the edge of your map? Weird turbulence you still can't fully pin down or explain away?

I can see why it takes you many rules.

Me, I found a Halloween skeleton butler statue standing in front of a satellite dish behind a bar. It was holding a tray, and people had given it offerings like coins and feathers.

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