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5/1/2020 10:35am

So, I guess this is my first entry, so lets do this thing.
I guess I can write about anything so, here I go.
So recently the entire world has gone into this lock down because of a giant worldwide pandemic, also known as the corona virus outbreak. The USA is one of the most effected countries on Earth. This virus, COVID-19, has killed more people than the 9/11 attack. Actually, I think it has over doubled the attack.
This kind of thing is terrible for the people of Earth because of many variables. One of them is you can't escape. This pandemic is worldwide, so you can't simply travel to Sweden and visit your aunt till all of this is over. You just can't. Another is that our president is terrible at handling situations like these. Absolutely terrible. Just about a week ago, he suggested that people consume bleach and other disinfectants to get rid of the virus in your body. No. No no no no no. Nani? NO. One other aspect is that traveling is so much more common and easy now a days, so this thing can spread like, well, a plague. It also doesn't make anything better that you don't get your symptoms till at least a few days after you have contracted the virus. Think about how many people you could contaminate in five days. Then those people interact with people, then those people, then those people, and so on and so on. Its this giant domino line of virus. And its a virus, so its not exactly easy to get a cure for it.
People these days are also not the smartest. This Easter, churches held ceremonies for the holiday, while in quarantine. Illegally. Some think its a government conspiracy theory. Others are holding protests in crowded areas, definitely not six feet apart.
Actually, some people are listening to the government. And the Earth and its inhabitants are benefiting from it. CO2 levels have never been lower sense WWII, over 6 thousand turtles have climbed up to the beaches to lay over 60 million eggs, everyone is pitching to help essential and front line workers who are putting their own lives in danger, scientists have never been so focused on one topic and creating a cure and protectant, and the worlds kindness has grown.
So that's good I guess. Other than the 86 million people infected part.

Quarentine has gotten the best of my friends and I.
I'm one of the most effected mentally by this in my friend group.
And I'm the therapist of the bunch.

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