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Demonic Symbol
9/5/2015 1:10pm

Whoopsie!! Sorry @killjoyforkirito i've been gathering up a few things for a big project of mine and i guess i've been leaving a few things around all higgledy piggledy!

It wont stay there long, i promise!!! I'm just a little caught up right now!

Sorry about that!! --Blach

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9/5/2015 1:07pm

You know. Sometimes i don't get the whole deal where everyone hangs onto their cynicism and pessimism and acts like it's the mature thing to do! Like it's cool or something!

It's not!! It's SO dumb! It's the easiest way out from things! It's easy to look at something and point out all it's nitty gritty icky flaws! But looking at something and pointing out everything that's cute and nice and great about it? Now that's difficult!

But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing just because it's hard! It means that if you succeed you'll feel the most AMAZING sense of self-fulfillment for being able to do so! It's hard work to see the good in everything! Even in stuff like eldritch horrors! But i do it anyway!

I think it's fascinating!! Their amazing shapes! The rituals required to summon them can range from beautifully simple to incredibly complex!

It's really cool!

And this can apply to just about anything!!! Even flesh eating teddy bears!

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Eldritch Deities Funfacts!
9/2/2015 1:04pm

Hello one and all! Time for yet another round of amazing fun filled deity goodies!!

Today we're looking at Mormo, also known as "The Thousand-Faced Moon" Mormo can appear in many forms, but she has three that are most common: A vampiric maiden, a tentacle-haired gorgon, or a hunched toad-like albino with a big mass of feelers instead of an actual face!! This last one if the form of her servitors, called "The Moon-beasts"

The Moon-beasts are great silvery, slippery things which can expand and contract at will! They live on the dark side of the Dreamlands' moon which unlike our moon has massive forests! and oily seas!!!

They are rumoured to have a permanent settlement at the Nameless Rock, which is in the Cerenerian Sea.

I hope you enjoyed this installment!!!! I have some things to take care of now, buh-bye!

c-stell'bsna r'luh !! -- Blach

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9/1/2015 1:04pm

Umbrakinesis log -- 4

HURRAY! Big big BIG shout out to @Gail Morgen!!! their anti-shadow concoction for clothes works a DIVINE TREAT! If i see you expect a great big hug!!! And if you're not comfortable with that then a whole boat load of ENTHUSIASTIC SMILES!!!! Now i can explode and mess around with these fantastic little dark spaces as much as i please!

Speaking of which, shadow art has just gotten a whole lot easier! So you can expect to see me doodling around with this! Heehee!!!

But for now i think it's also time for a short break from these shadow shenanigans to i can focus more on my other passion. And if you guessed a certain group of Outer Gods and Great Old Ones as my passion then you guessed one hundred and five percent CORRECTLY!

c-stell'bsna r'luh !! -- Blach

9/1/2015 2:40am

I knooow, right! My mouth was agape with excitement the whole time! I love being on the sidelines for this terrible awful exciting stuff, it gives me such an adrenaline rush!!! Of course, no one would actually want to be INVOLVED with something this awful.

That crater looked like something out of a dumb jerky sci-fi movie. Except it wasn't dumb or jerky or a dumb jerky sci-fi movie it all it was completely one hundred percent REAL. Crazy, right!

Poor @Nobody i always liked her. Oh well. She'll live. And if she doesn't we can always capture her astral and ghostal essence so that she WILL live. (A joke, obviously)
(OR IS IT hee hee!)

Psst! @Gretel i want to put $15 on that bet! The Illuminati is always involved with stuff like this, it's so obvious! I bet those invisible cats must of been SO ADORABLE though, i mean. I personally would of been having a field day! Before the liquid nitrogen, that is.

What's totally weird is a DID get a strange urge to enter that competition thing @Matching by Mattie is pulling off ... But it looks like my lisp was getting in the way like it was almost some kind of big lispy wall! Oh well!! Anywho These eldritch deities aren't going to write about themselves! I have the perfect idea of who to do next... I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

stell'bsna phlegeth! -- Blach

8/31/2015 10:32am

Umbrakinesis log -- 3

PHEEWWW!!! It took almost an entire day but i DID IT. I cleaned up all the icky nasty gross shadow stuff... NOW TO DO IT AGAIN!
Hahaha! I jest, of course. I can't really help if it happens again or not, at least not yet. Not until i get control of this damn shadow manipulation. You'd think it would be easy right? I think i've already stated this before actually... WHOOPSIE!

That stuff almost had a texture like maple syrup, i was very tempted to try some. So i did! It tasted very... Bitter. Too bitter for my tastes. I prefer all sorts of sweet things! But don't go around trying to much peoples shadows! Something tells me that would just be in poor taste!

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8/30/2015 11:04am

Umbrakinesis log -- 2

BLAGGHH!! So! As it turns out shadows can be quite sticky! Who knew, riiiiight? Seriously though if someone else knew WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME! Now it's all over my room and my uniform! Hopefully i can clean all of this nasty junk up before it's too late! But at least they'll make neat halloween decorations!

Shadows are so beautiful though, right?? It's an ever changing place where light can't penetrate for a certain amount of time. The more light sources the more shadows, they're always in balance!! It's like a WONDERFUL STORY!

Anywho, it's time to clean this mess up now! Bye-bye!

Dirty Lagoon
8/29/2015 1:13pm

Well then! This is going to be quite the pickle!!! What am i suppose to do with all this garbage i've collected up then @Jenny Haniver! I can't keep it encased in a barely functioning orb of shadow forever!! It's got to burst sometime! Is the cafeteria plan still on? Because i've PUMPED myself up to get ready to do this!!

Or do i just need to dump all of this stuff in a can like a regular normal nellie... Heheh!! No pun intended @Nautical Nell

Eldritch Deities Funfacts!
8/29/2015 1:09pm

Yoo hooo!! It's me again. WHEW, sorry about the short break there! I had some serious loads of work to catch up on! Turns out my enthusiasm can be quite disastrous!

ANYWHO without further delay it's time for some more delicious deitie tidbits!

Today i'll go over Shub-Niggurath! She is an outer god in the pantheon, she acts as a perverse fertility deity who is said to appear as an enormous cloudy mass, extruding black tentacles, numerous slime dripping mouths and short little goat legs! She can spit out numerous small creatures which will then be either re-consumed into her miasmatic form or they'll manage to escape and form some monstrous life elsewhere!!

She has three groups of worshippers, the HyperBoreans, the Muvians, and the people of Sarnath. Many other druidic and barbaric cults also enjoy worshipping her! She's sometimes referred to The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. How neat is that!!

The worshippers who get favored are called the gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath! So if that's a name that tickles your fancy i'd say get to it!!! They also get transformed into a satyr-like being with immortal life! Neato!

There is SO SO MUCH MORE i would LOVE to write about her buuuuut, you know what they say with eldritch deities. If you know too much it can be dangerous!

stell'bsna phlegeth! -- Blach

8/26/2015 7:35am

Umbrakinesis log -- 1

Jee whizz, who knew trying to shift a few shadows around would be so difficult!! With the amount of focusing i did today i think i nearly gave myself a headache, haha! That sucks!

I KNOW I CAN DO IT THOUGH! Shadows don't just lose themselves dang it! Even i am pretty sucky at it now i know i can get better and better... Hopefully! Maybe i should try reading over "hafh'drn n'ghft" again. That usually gets me SUPER in the zone for this stuff!

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