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12/23/2015 6:33am

Hello, World.

I was born Clarence O'Keeffe. If you are reading this, I am long dead. At least that's how it's supposed to be.

If you have met @jarvis, you know that I am not an ordinary human. Or was I human? Let's leave that thought for the philosophers and those 'existentialists'. When my sister and I were born in the world, we were genetically modified by law. The government is effectively determining how we live our lives. I still don't know why our forefathers did what they did; someday, I will know why.

I was given the Survival Set--an array of skills using the strength of our minds to find the fastest and the most reliable ways of getting out of harm's way. My abilities include [Alarm], [Dodge], [Hack], and [Lull]. More on them later.

I started working as an assistant to archaeologists at age 19. We would excavate ancient ruins and, after the scholars picked out the most valuable treasures, I would scavenge for the ones they've missed. After some time, I got enough money to buy a Cutter class merchant ship, the 'Mezzaluna', and hire its crew.

I thought I would live as a scavenger all my life. It was profitable. But after a series of strange events consisting of my swap with Jarvis and my conjuration to this world, my plans were lost to the cosmos. His power has a price and I need to know what he did to summon me. I need to get his heart and once I'm done, I'll search his memories and find my way back. I can't stay in this world.

Strange place, this Psychic High School. When Jarvis and I swapped places that one time, he was in class and the teacher was moving a bowling ball with magic. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Magics, powers...if I didn't know better, I would have assumed that everyone has been genetically modified. They're not, or are they?

If Jarvis would not bring me back to where I came from, then I need to find my way. My search led me a few kilometers away from PsyHigh, in a place called Buffington Island.

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