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11/10/2016 8:03pm

It is approximately 7:50 right now, November tenth. I think.
Or is it 10:11, May seventh? I am getting my time confused again.
But I digress.
My name is Azalea (A-Z-A-L-E-A, I like the way the letters intertwine—or was it A-E-L-A-Z-A? Needs more colors regardless.) and this is my first day at this school. Or last. Cannot remember, note to self: Find your watch. Did you have a watch? Hm.

My head hurts. I thought I'd forgotten to get textbooks, but I suppose I must have remembered because now I have two sets. Of books. Both have my name in them, so they must be mine unless my name is not my name after all, which would be mildly upsetting, if not surprising.
Except one is from 1612, which is interesting in two ways: a) I was not (as far as I know) alive in 1612, and b), in 1612, Psychic High had not yet been established. Right?

On an unrelated note, the newsletter promised me cafeteria coupons. Where are my cafeteria coupons? Is there some process to getting them I don't know about? Feeling very betrayed, bewildered, and also somewhat stupid.
Where is the cafeteria anyway? I think I had a map at some point, but I must have lost it.

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