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6/1/2015 12:14pm

Dear students of Psyhigh,

It has come to the attention of the Psyhigh staff that some students and/or cats are still very concerned about the twins Atlantica and Pacifica. To stop such worries, it has been decided that one last post will be placed in this journal. I will now answer some lingering questions and hopefully banish the anxious thoughts plaguing the acquaintances of these poor girls.

1.) No, the Shan Ging family will not take legal action against Psyhigh. After some negotiations, testimony from a talking galaxy cat, and a bribe of free fortune telling sessions from our top seers, Mr. and Mrs. Shan Ging have decided to drop any and all charges. Having our seers proclaim their horoscopes say that: "Any fights you get into this month you will lose" and "For the next few weeks, it may feel like the law is not on your side" may have helped convince them.

2.) There is no need to concern yourselves with the health of Atlantica and Pacifica. While it is true that they are still in a state of delusions, long sleeps, and incoherency, they are actually quite well along the road to recovery.

3.) Eventually the twins will return to Psyhigh, but not until they have adapted fully to their new soul situation. So far no doctor has been able to fully comprehend how, why, or what has occurred to put them in this state. However, it is obvious that the efforts of LITEE and DARCC have sufficiently screwed them up.

4.) Yes, you may sign up to get a restraining order from Atlantica. No, it is not appropriate to throw an Anti-Atlantica party in celebration of your restraining order.

Hopefully this new information will help everyone to relax and move beyond this incident. Again, we encourage our students to endeavor to stay safe at Psyhigh, despite our reputation for releasing monsters, spirits, demons, toxic levels of perfume, and the like onto the campus.


Ella Trode, head of Psyhigh electronic journals

(Note: the contents of this letter are strictly Mrs. Trode's opinion, and do not reflect all of Psyhigh staff's opinion.)

[P.S. If our runaway student @Scilph is reading this, the twins have been having recurring insane rants about needing to "re-activate the stone Scilph, it's out of energy, re-activate the stone Scilph...." We assume this specific hallucination is referring to you in some way. Also, if you're reading this, please return to Psyhigh immediately. It is against school policy to exit school grounds without following the proper paperwork procedures and being at a satisfactory level of psychic power stability.]

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5/26/2015 2:05pm

Dear students of Psyhigh,

This notice is to alert any acquaintances of Atlantica or Pacifica that their journal will be henceforth inactive. They will be recovering at home for the next month or so, and will decide whether or not to terminate their scholarship here next fall. It is very regretful that we have to lose such... unique... students so suddenly. However, the mental scars of the ordeal they have gone through will no doubt take time to heal, and home is the best place to heal. The girls' parents have voiced concerns over the safety of the school, but will not sue until their daughter(s) are well enough to give their account of events. Their wild-eyed hallucinations and gibberish are not that helpful in our task of piecing together last night's events.

Psyhigh staff would like to take this opportunity to warn other students against taking such dangerous enterprises as after school activities. While we strive to provide an open area for you to wander, wonder, and grow, we also want to ensure the safety of our student body. Investigations are ongoing, but it appears that some of the ancient and strictly banned clubs of Psyhigh (specifically DARCC and LITEE) have been involved in the incident concerning Atlantica and Pacifica. Psyhigh staff urges its students to refrain from joining these groups, or any of the other ancient and strictly banned clubs. Psyhigh staff also strongly suggests against the following high-risk activities: running away with students who are in a coma, delving underground to the land of spider people, disappearing suddenly and leaving two cats alone in a dorm room, attempting to start your own match-making business that relies heavily on subliminal messages, or buying candy from other students that have hilarious (but disgusting) flavors. You may be powerful psychics, but remember Psyhigh students that you're still only children (well, most of you are children).

If you would like to send Atlantica or Pacifica well wishes, please contact Tulka for information on accessing the proper dimension and such. If you have information on what happened to these poor twins, please contact Psyhigh front office. So far the only witnesses we have are two cats, one of which won't stop laughing whenever we say "but", "behind", or "caboose". Not very helpful.


Ella Trode, head of Psyhigh electronic journals

(Note: the contents of this letter are strictly Mrs. Trode's opinion, and do not reflect all of Psyhigh staff's opinion.)

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5/25/2015 8:59pm

Vita looked down at her arm, where a digital watch was embedded into her wrist. It was almost time for the operation. Her brain tingled with excitment. This was a complex and intricate problem to solve. She couldn't wait to process all of the varibles! Vita was still a youngling in the ranks of LITEE, but she was just as smart as the rest of the cyborgs. In fact, she was so smart she had learned to do something none of the other cyborgs could do. Smile. She grinned at the word. That one Psyhigh student was extremely irritating, but at least she taught Vita some cool tricks of emotion that had been lost to LITEE for centries.

Suddenly from behind the door Vita was gaurding a shout rang out. She sighed (another trick she learned, this one from the frowny student. Sighing=Exasperation). The Gemini were at it again. Almost every hour since noon, the Gemini would argue for approximately 2.566333333333 minutes. The chirpy one kept trying to convince the frowny one to eat a pill that was in the room. Vita had tried to dispose of the unknown substance, but it seemed to reappear consistently and quickly. No use expending precious energy on an unsolvable problem! Vita hadn't bothered with the pill again.

"Please Pacifica! I can't lose you again! Do you know how terrifying it is for me, to imagine a world without you to keep me in reality?"
"This isn't all about you Atlantica! The world isn't made to fit into your fantasies! I... I know you need me. But Atlantica, I can't be a half of you. You always see us as Ying and Yang... we're not. We're oil and water. Somebody shook us up spiritually so that we would mix, but eventually we were going to have to part."
"You know I'm right Atlantica. ...Please don't be upset. After the operation--"
"NO! I can't let this happen! LITEE will just hurt you again, only this time I'll lose you forever! I won't let this happen! We're BFF's, and I need to keep you safe!"
"This isn't your choice Atlan-- Hey! Stop! You're not allowed to be in control of the body yet! Relinquish our hand! VITA!!!"

The summons took a moment to register in her head. It appeared that Vita's responses were laggy. After the Gemini left, it would be time for a tune up she decided. Vita pulled herself up from her little chair and rushed into the room as fast as her rusty gears would let her, and found the Gemini sitting up in bed. Her left arm was wrestling the right arm. The right arm had the unknown pill in its hand and was trying to force feed it to the Gemini's mouth. Vita started moving forward, but tripped unexplainably. It was a stroke of luck for the rebelling right hand. "Atlantica! That was cruel! You know you're not supposed to use your good luck like that!" "YOU ALL HAVE FORCED ME TO THIS! Just take the pill Paci! Take the pill so everything can be happy and safe again!" The Gemini kept fighting each other, tears pouring down their cheeks as they fought the one person they always counted on as an ally. The Gemini turned her head toward Vita, her green eyes imploring. "Vita, you're going to have to work fast. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to do." She squeezed her eyes shut, and before Vita could process the situation a loose pipe that hung over the Gemini's bed suddenly came loose. And the Gemini had the bad luck of getting hit with the pipe, right on the old injury that almost killed Pacifica three weeks ago. The Gemini instantly fainted, and both of the fighting arms went limp. Everything went quiet. Vita lay on the gound, her brain functioning at highest capacity to find the best course of action. There was only one.

Vita was sprinting through the hallways carrying the limp Gemini in her arms. She utilized the last trick she had learned from these above world girls. Yelling. "GET THE OPERATION ROOM READY! PREPARE THE SUIT! WE NEED TO BEGIN NOW!" It was supremely effective, and all the other LITEE's responded immediately despite Vita's low rank. The cyborg girl was so caught up in the fun of bossing people around, she didn't even notice that the Gemini's right arm struggled to their mouth and dropped a little black pill down her throat. She also didn't notice that swallowing the pill instantly affected the Gemini's eyes.

Under half closed lids, the left eye was a still grumpy green. But now, the right eye was a cheerful blue.

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5/25/2015 6:06am

Tonight's the night. LITEE is finally read to begin the operation. They'll put us under the anesthesia sometime this evening, and I'll wake up a new person. A separate person.

This is Pacifica posting by the way. Atlantica was right, I am slipping away more and more. So I had to save all my strength to take control of the body this morning. So far so good! Every time I sit up my head spins, but passing out or falling asleep today will cost me my soul. I must stay awake! If Atlantica takes control, she's going to eat this glowing black pill that appeared in our room an hour ago. It's taking all my strength to suppress her right now. That DARCC kid Casper must have been here. I keep trying to throw the pill away or make Vita toss it, but it just comes back. Talk about creepy. *shivers*

Have I told anyone what the operation is? No? Wow, how did I overlook that? Well, it's simple really. For the past few day -- or has it been weeks -- the cyborgs have been building me a body! It looks just like Atlantica and mine's body, right down to my eyes being green. Only instead of skin it's made of metal and rubber and stuff. During the operation, the cyborgs will extract my chunk of brain and (somehow) my soul and implant them into the robot. And then… I'll be… my own person. My OWN person. True, I'll lose my senses of smell, touch, and taste... but that's a small price to pay. If I can just stay awake today, my soul will be safe. If I can just stay awake!

Oh, and @Morris, you're absolutely right. Atlantica is a "thunder jerk". She lives in a happy delusion of her own, and if good luck, cupcakes, and smiles don't fix a problem, she can't handle it. That's when I take control, to fix the problems she can't even comprehend. I'm terribly sorry Atlantica has made Scilph run away. But please understand, she can hardly understand everything going on right now. There's so much stress and strife in the world of teenagers (especially psychic teens) and none of it fits in her delusional world of sunshine. She's cried once or twice down here. Don't tell her I said that.

Once I get my body though… I'm going to make it up to everybody. Atlantica has countless besties to hang with. I only have three acquaintances, Jessica, Scilph, and you. I don't think I've earned the title of friend yet, but I'll try to. I just need that new body, and I can run after Scilph and bring her home.

Or at least try.

Goodbye everyone, I'll wake up a new person tomorrow. Either I'll be a cyborg or … just a… part of Atlantica. I can't fall asleep today!!!


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5/24/2015 9:07pm

Tomorrow night will be the night. DARCC finally finished making the pill that will complete the soul fusion. I'm so excited! And yet… so scared. I don't know what it'll be like, living as two souls. It's so exciting! And terrifying! It's excitifying!!!

I had forgotten why I was going through with this plan. Pacifica had been recovering so well from our head injury I forgot how close we came from losing her. But the past couple days she's been slipping away again. She hasn't been interrupting me or anything lately. I think she's saving up her energy for one last... something. If she can just hold on until tomorrow night though, I can save her! I can save her! I need to save her!

Before I sign off, I wanted talk to my bestie-for-life @Scilphy. Hey girl! Sorry I haven't visited lately! Kinda being kept captive, but whatever! It's cool! I finally taught Vita how to smile! I'm worried about you though… you're so focused on other people lately. I mean, I am too! People make parties more fun! Nobody comes to one person parties (except me)! But sometimes you need to embrace yourself, and just be selfish for a bit. Eat twenty cupcakes by yourself, ya know?!? If you carry everyone else's mistakes on you're shoulders, you'll just break your own back! And trust me, that is soooo un-fun!

Your doing all you can bestie, but you can't be the reason Jessie is taking Cat Naps. Or Pacifica's dyin -- er, quiet. Or Morris and Blackie are acting funny. All you can do is cheer us on and keep on moving through your own life. If you stop by our dorm room, I have TONS of sparkly pom-poms you can borrow!!! :D

Also, I think it's time we moved Jessie into the infirmary. I think having a girl on the brink of death sleeping in your room is messing with your head, heart, and fung shway (is that how you spell it?) I know parting with Jessie will be hard, but for BOTH of your sakes, please consider it! And remember Scilphy, Pacifica and I are always here for you! Whether you want us here or not! *shakes sparkly pom-poms around* LET'S GO SCILPHY! WOOOO!

Big hugs to everyone! Tomorrow is a big day!


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5/19/2015 3:25pm

Finally! I'm in charge! Oh, it's never felt so good to be in control of the body!!! *dances around the locked room* I managed to contact the other DARCC kids (secret DARCC methods, sorry besties! Can't tell you how!) and they're trying to develop a way to speed up the soul fusing before Pacifica's project with the totally bananas cyborg people is finished. My DARCC besties are the coolest!!!! @Ana2123, you could absolutely positutely join our club if you wanted! We put the DARCC in dark clubs! *giggles* Right now we're trying out a super evil and dangerous ancient black box of souls, but honestly our club isn't serious all the time! Well... the other kids are... but I'm not! Either way, we'll have a barrel of laughs together if you join! Or maybe even a dump truck of laughs!!!!!! :D

I sure hope DARCC finds whatever they need to complete this process soon. Not just because I hate Pacifica's plan, but also because this fusion process is really really un-fun. :( My head hurts, Pacifica keeps interrupting me, and now she has permanent control of our left hand somehow. It's kinda spooky to see my hand jerk around on my wrist like it has a mind of its own. Now that I think about it, it does have a mind of its own! Wave hi Pacifica!!!!
*sound of fighting*
Apparently Pacifica now has control of our entire left arm, as she just punched me in the face. Luckily, I'm still in control of the rest of the body for today! I'm sitting on our left arm right now to subdue her. Shes so angry lately! I think she just needs a hug. Who doesn't love hugs?!?!? Next time one of my besties sees Pacifica, please give her a hug from her favorite sister! *left arm struggles angrily under Atlantica*

I can hear my new bestie-robot Vita clanking down the hall! She always comes down here to collect data and take measurements for the horrific thing that is being built downstairs. I would be uncooperative, but Pacifica always interrupts and tells Vita all our secret health stuffies. Like that we're allergic to titanium! Isn't that weird? I kinda like it when we get the hives from it though. Then I can play Connect-the-Dots on my arm!!! Vita's here, and she's telling me to stop typing. She's very serious. That's why I'm trying to teach her how to smile, cause smiling is the first step on the road to happiness!!!! And if there's one thing these emtionless LITEE people need down here underground, it's happiness!!
Well, bye besties! Remember to smile and draw happy stick figures, even if you're being held captive like me!!!


About student of the month.
5/18/2015 1:49pm

Project Humanum Servaturus is on going. Unfortunately, soul fusion is slowing, but not stopping. I wonder who will win this fight over our souls, the DARCC or the LITEE?
--Hopefully DARCC, they're my besties! Plus these totally mean bullies at LITEE almost killed you Paci! I don't trust them! Anybody who won't smile or at least groan at a well said pun is obviously trouble! Let's make them some snickerdoodles, say "nvm!", and go back upstairs --
NO ATLANTICA! You can talk, but it's not your turn to control the body! ...Been very weak. The constant contol switches take a lot out if me, and my idiotic sister. She can only interrupt me about five or six times a day. I understand her concern, but I trust these cyborgs. Up to a point that is. They are living in a secret society under the school after all. But their plan retains my soul, even if I lose my body. And my goal is to keep my soul, grumpy, anti-hugging, and all. I heard @Morris has been away for a while researching something about all this. I hope he doesn't strain himself, he's been dealing with a lot of stress lately. I didn't know it was possible, but even for a ghost he's been looking pale. He's been too nice to Atlantica and I. We don't deserve friends like him and "Scilphy". (Ugh, I hate that nickname. Why do I keep typing it?)

Side note, I'm not sure who's in charge of this, but if whoever choses the Student of the Month is reading this; I motion to nominate "i am the champ" for Student of the Month. He's so funny and creative, when I read his posts I laugh until I have a coughing fit. It really confuses my new "bestie" Vita. Consider it my final wish that "i am the champ" gets the next Student of the Month in case I suddenly go missing. The operation for project Humanum Servaturus might have complications. So, yeah, uh thank--

--I second that motion! Go Champion! Woohoo! Oh, and have a super sunny glorious day everybo--

Shut up Atlantica. *groans and cluthes head* Your happiness is killing me.


5/17/2015 5:35pm

Hey guys... I'm posting this so none of you will worry. Things got a little hectic after Scilphy's -- ugh, no, I mean SCILPH -- pet Blackie ate the little black box that's been next to my cot. Suddenly this kid who I didn't even know was in the room, he must have abilities of invisibility, appeared and started yelling and grabbing for Blackie. Scilph panicked and was forced into the hallway as she fought Invisi-boy. Poor girl, she was fighting hard for that strange creature of hers. Well, as soon as they went into the hall the weird cyborg girl who popped into my room for a visit injected the contents of some syringe into my arm, and I started freaking out. I triggered the fire alarms in the building with some bad luck vibes, then promptly blacked out. Hence why I'm writing, as anybody who goes to the infirmary to drop off the homework I've missed will notice my cot suspiciously empty. Also, sorry about the false fire scare. More importantly though, the cyborg girl DID NOT kidnap me (okay, she did a little...) she was simply moving me into the realm of LITEE again. Remember them? The psychopaths who wouldn't help Jessie -- grrr, I mean JESSICA -- and hit me up side the head, causing Atlantica and I to slowly separate until I die from lack of blood flow to my little chunk of brain? Yeah, those guys. Well, apparently they have been following my sister's posts and our symptoms, and are greatly concerned. For one, they feel that my death would be their fault and would reflect badly on their organization. I appreciate the concern, even if it's for the wrong reasons. Secondly, they have realized what Atlantica's plan was. The fusion of our souls. As the club dedicated to "Enriching Exsistance", they feel that Atlantica's plan is:

A) Dangerous

B) Unethical

C) Corrupted by DARCC

D) The stupidest plan they've heard in a long time.

I totally agree. They've explained to me what she's done. I am so ANGRY! She didn't even consult me! Okay, so I was knocked out and dying but she could have left me a note! I wasn't totally out of it yet! "Hey sis, I was thinking of combining our souls into some freaky bi-soul person. That cool with you? <3" That would have been handy! There are so many other things she could have done! Talk to the principal, or the nurse, or the Time Team, or ANYBODY BESIDES DARCC! Seriously, Atlantica can be so--

--Pacifica! You don't understand! I had to save you! There wasn't much time, and my bestie Glare totally pinky-promised that this would work! PINKY PROMISED! Plus, we'd be a great team with our souls combined I bet! ...Oh Pacifica, don't you understand? If I lose you then I lose--

GAH! GET OUT! IT ISN'T YOUR TURN! GET OUT! *heavy breathing* ...I'm sorry you had to read that. Darn, I lost my temper. The door just fell right off it's hinges, and now the computer only has 10% battery after I just charged it. Isn't that bad luck? Hmph... Well, as you probably guessed, Atlantica and I are now switching control of the body at random. I think it's part of her ill-begotten soul scheme. It's almost as annoying as typing "we", "our", and "bestie". That's what's so great about LITEE kidnap-- er, borrowing me though. They have a plan to save me and keep my soul unshared with Atlantica's. They say it's their apology. These LITEE people aren't so bad when you get to know them and realize that they can express no emotions. They don't actually hate you. They just don't care. *shudders* Oh, and added bonus, DARCC has been trying to contact Atlantica. I see their messages everywhere, but I don't understand them. I think they are trying to send some people (Itchy and Twitchy? Are those even names?) to get back their cursed box of evil voodoo. @Scilph, keep Blackie safe. I'd feel terrible if Atlantica was responsible for his untimely demise. Oh! My new cyborg acquaintance, Vita, is coming to update me on project "Humanum Servaturus" (they love latin, put I don't understand it). Remember: nobody worry that I am missing. Atlantica is an idiot. Keep Blackie safe. Over and out fellow Psyhigh-ians, may fortune bless you.


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5/17/2015 7:15am

I've been awake in the infirmary for about two hours now. My skull is pounding, it feels like it's going to split open. Some girl stopped by my room and put a little black box next to my bed and left without a word. She had a HUGE nose. I'd move the box, but it has a little note on it from Atlantica saying not to. I recognize her swirly cursive writing, so different from my solid and rushed penmanship. We may be twins, but we really are nithing alike. Even our eyes are different. Her pale blue ones are useless without her glitter-covered 80's secretary glasses. Meanwhile my murky green colored eyes are 20/20. That was the only way Mom and Dad could tell us apart when we were babies, they kept track of who's eyes were looking around. Once we could smile though it was easier. Atlantica alsways smiled as a baby, even as she cried. I just glared at people.

Sometimes I feel guilty about that. I really hold my sister back. In normal schools a lot of her friends, er "besties", would bail on her when they met me. They always assume that we have Multiple Personality Disorder and head for the hills. Then there's boys, she'll work for weeks flirting with a guy, then I'll pop in and sock him in the face or something. Poor girl, she'd be better off without me. I'm just her permenant atick in the mud. I don't know why. I think I just get scared up there in our brain, it's hard not to start drowning in Atlantica's optimism. If I don't stay serious and grumpy... I don't know what will happen. I also don't know why I'm posting all this. I just feel scared and alone in this dark and quiet infirmary. Nobody but Nose Beak has stopped by to comfort me. How did we-- I mean "I"-- even get here? In true school nurse fashion, I've gotten only an ice pack to help with my head ache. It's not working. I wish I had somebody to talk to....

Actually, I see somebody is walking towards me down the hall. What luck! It's some girl with machine parts all over her. She looks super nervous. Who am I to judge, so am I. Maybe she can be our bestie!!!! --whoa! Where did that come from? Ugh, I sounded like Atlantica... creepy. And we-- er I-- spoke in plural. This is getting weird. Maybe my robo visitor will be able to comfort me. Or at least have some pain medication. Oooooh my heeeeead.


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5/16/2015 7:48pm

*gets out super sparkly pom-poms*

Let's, go Jessie! Let's, let's, go Jessie! Kick that coma, come and party! Let's! Go! Jessie! YAYYYYAAAAAYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

That's my super special cheer @Jessica Moon, and it's all for you! I hope that big glowy heart cheers you up! I'll blow up some balloons and buy some streamers to decorate your sick room soon, to remind you of that totally kicking dance @Big Jim planned!!!! And when you wake up we'll throw you a totally AWESOME "Welcome Back Bestie" party!, I meant "I'll". I'LL throw you a party.

Oh, and @Scilph, to answer your question on my optimism; being happy in the worst times takes laser focus! You have to really really really meditate on all the good things in life, how many good and kind besties you have, and what type of frosting on bakery items would best benefit the situation! Then you have to remember that eventually all dark tunnels end, and there's always light at the end!! It also helps to have a parasitic twin attached to and messing up to the part of your brain that is responsible for emotions! When your happy brain hormones are always activating, it's hard NOT to get caught up in the optimistic oppertunities in life!!!!! Hope that helps Scilphy, my bestie!!!

And now, back to normal jounally things! The soul mending has been going fabulous! This morning when I woke up I was a little annoyed because my alarm clock went off even though it's a Saturday (silly little clock!) and my mood triggered... BAD LUCK! OMG! We've never influenced BAD luck before!!! ...Um, I mean I'VE never influenced bad luck... Back to the story, a peregrine UNLUCKILY flew into my dorm room window, and my roomie bestie totally screamed!! It was so cool and terrifying! Don't worry, the window is okay. It's made from steel or something!!! See-through steel!!!!

The only bad part of the DARCC box is that I've been having horrendous headaches all day and I think it's causing it. It feels like those short guys from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are mining for diamonds up there! *giggles* Anywhooo, about two or three more days is my guess, then Pacifica will be safe forever as a part of us!! ... Me. As a part of me. Ugh, the third person speech has been getting worse... better go see Dr. Anhky... again. Whoa my head... look at all the butterflys.... The world's so spinny... goooooodbyyyeeeee bestieeeeeessssssss.....


*suddenly slides off desk chair and instantly falls asleep on rug*

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