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8/11/2016 6:52pm

Hello once again my fellow students. Much time has passed since I last posted. I apologize. I have been out in the upper cosmos on an astrology class trip. To me, it felt like seconds, but you have experienced weeks. It was a great trip, and everyone there was surprisingly not destructive. In the sense that they only supernova-ed 20 billion stars, as opposed to the potential 50 trillion.

Anyway, I have felt very accepted here, despite my illusions that I constantly hide behind to fit in. I typically will wear auto-fashion shadows, clothes, and hair. They provide me with a false sense of security. I say false, because one is never truly safe at PsyHigh. If you're new, keep that in mind.

But don't feel overwhelmed by all of the strange beings or practices performed here. I have found myself to overcome most difficulty in trying to properly form new skin, so I am nearly certain that all wounds are repairable. Well, maybe not the whole cat burps scenario, but that's another story for another day. Oh, I've got to get go, my amnesia fiddle is done loading.

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New friend
8/2/2016 5:24pm

The universe wishes for me to not write this. I suppose that's why I'm writing it. The universe has very clever means of stopping me. Summoning up Discouragement Demons, warping me constantly in and out of my room, and scrubbing away the words of my journal.
The universe is fighting for a good cause, because I shouldn't even be here. This is no place for a regular human like myself, but I've achieved a state of pseudo-psychic powers, where I can cast the illusion of actually belonging here. Which means I actually do belong here, which creates the paradox that fuels my powers. Which creates another paradox. Dang it! I just infinitied again, didn't I?
Anyway, I am Araedonic, a new student who doesn't (and does) belong. Feel free to meet me in the Arcanum just Westeast of the collapsible library, and we'll chat about quantum mechanics sometime.