Amanda Collisberg

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5/25/2017 12:27pm

I thought I saw some pixies calling to me in the school bathroom.

"Amanda, come here." A soft voice said. It was in a stall. I decided to go into the stall and see what was calling me. I thought it was a pixie because its voice sounded soft and welcoming.

I heard it get louder and louder as I got closer. "Amanda, in here!" I didn't see anything. I heard it again. "Down here." The voice was coming from the toilet. It told me to get in there and flush myself down, and I'd be in a 'happier place.'

I couldn't resist. I shoved my head in and pulled the lever.

I ended up in the hospital later that day. And eventually, here.

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5/25/2017 12:22pm

Pooped on the floor.

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