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Astral Projection 101
8/14/2016 10:01am

Um, it's spelled plane. Not plain. Sorry...

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Astral Projection 101
8/14/2016 9:52am

Oh, here's one more.

Q. Can I astral travel?

A. Probably. Some people are better than others at it. I'm on one extreme end of the spectrum, the side that can't quite stay in my physical body when I want to. Most people are closer to the other side, the one where you couldn't train yourself to leave your body. The mind likes the safety a container offers.

Astral Projection 101
8/14/2016 9:49am

Astral Projection 101

Here's a little introduction to astral projection. Most people can train themselves to do it, within a couple of years. However, most people have a link between their astral body (a term I use at the risk of sounding insane,) and their physical body that is so strong, they struggle to remain on another plane of existence for longer than a couple seconds. My link, unfortunately, is so tenuous that if I sneeze hard enough, I'm thrown somewhere new.

That being said, I don't want to talk about my case or experiences right now. I want to explain the basics of astral projection as it might relate to you, the reader.

Q. What is astral projection?

A. I would describe it as the act of the mind leaving the body. Your body is only a container, or sleeve which holds the mind, or everything that makes you, you. You are made of nothing at all. You are a concept, a collection of energy and emotion. You can travel across dimensions, but your physical form, your container, cannot. Most people live out their life chained to their physical form. However, those who astral project leave their physical body for a time, and go wherever they so please.

Q. Is astral projection dangerous?

A. Yes. There are three primary concerns, with astral travel: i) harming your mind, ii) becoming lost and unable to return to your physical body, iii) bringing a malignant energy from another plain into your life.

Q. Where can astral travellers go?

A. There are an infinite number of other realities to travel to. Any place you can imagine, and any place you can't, is out there.

Q. How long can astral travellers travel for, in one session?

A. Normally, for an accomplished traveller, half an hour at a time. Give or take. The physical body has a tendency to draw the mind back in, after too long.

I can't think of anymore questions. If you have some, maybe ... ask me? I'd answer them for you.

Again, thank you for reading.


8/14/2016 8:36am

It's been said that, if I write more, I'll learn to speak more freely. I hope that's true. I feel that if I could express myself better, more of you might want to know me.

My full name is Alice, but I like being called Ali. Most of you have seen me around before, right ... ? I'm not exactly inconspicuous, despite my best efforts. I wander about the grounds on my own, lost in my own little worlds. I don't say this flippantly, mind you. If my eyes are open and clouded with a swirling white smoke, I'm in another world. I'm an accomplished astral projector, you see. Although, sometimes I can't keep myself tethered to my body. I've a lot of stories from other worlds. Maybe that's the sort of thing people want to hear about?

Thank you for reading, I suppose...

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8/14/2016 8:24am

For someone who isn't here to gossip, @Quasar does a whole lot of gossiping.

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8/13/2016 6:04pm

I am unsure of what to write. I'm unsure of why I ought to write anything at all.

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