Alex Perea-Angles

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2/26/2021 4:33pm

Going into unknown territory is not a novel concept for a psychic. However, as many people know it is not easy to get into a liminal space, or transitory ether. It is hard to let go of things which work and it is hard to understand that which we feel we don't deserve. In this case, I feel a lack of foresight as I don't really know what kind of "good" I deserve, and why I feel lacking in this department. I know what I don't deserve as far as toxicity is concerned, but in order to "feel out" my highest vibration, It is important to feel empowered. Easier said than done.

A lot of work seems to be a hard route, but hard work accomplishes far more than passivity. Time for connecting, healing, and releasing. Being in control doesn't mean in the world, or a projection of myself. It means realizing one's own power and working with passion to make good choices.

All at the end of the day, I always want to be the nihilist (existentialist?) and say "Who cares?" in a passionate voice. Because nobody else does, whether we succeed or fail, take time for ourselves or be a doormat, and that is way comforting. Unpopular opinions be damned, and give me the energy to give to others correctly, without taking away from myself.

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