Aidan Finn

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Star Queens
5/28/2016 4:51pm

Aye, the Extraterrestrial Student Alliance is a good thing. But there's so many different kinds of us dontchya know. We of the Merfolk know our extraplanetary roots, and 'ave got the primeval Crown of the Stars to prove it. But what to make of these distant relatives, deeply bred in with the human folk? Or the ones from older and different stars entirely?

We saw the ones you'd expect -- @Arn, of course, he's good sort, and @Afloovia and her sisters, and @Ari, but there were a few surprises too, like the radioactive girl named Alan, and Alice Wolf, and Adaline. I supoose it's good for us all to have an "alliance" and all, but I think we're all pretty set in our ways too, dontchya know.